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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega, 1995) VP8

VP8 Sega SS Recreation Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega, 1995) VP8 v1.2 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Sega 1995,
IPD No. 947

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Throw The Switch to collect value highlighted in display.
Frankenstein -> Complete FRANKENSTEIN Targets to start flashing feature.
Shoot Change Scene to advance feature: North Pole, Sarcophagus and Ice Cave spot target(s).
Multiball -> Shoot ramp to light lock, then lock ball at the North Pole (Vertical Up-Kicker) for 2-BALL PLAY.
Relock balls at the North Pole for 3- to 6-BALL PLAY, then shoot for JACKPOTS.
Geneva -> Shoot GENEVA (Lower Scoop) when lit to collect Geneva Letter. Complete for Geneva Multiball.
Relight by shooting the Left Orbit or Right Inlane.
Alive! -> Ball drains in Left Outlane will return to play when lit.
Relight Alive (Kick-Back) by shooting the Ice Cave.
Sarcophagus -> Shoot the Sarcophagus (Upper Scoop) when lit for accumulated value.
Light by shooting the Left Orbit.
Ice Cave -> Shoot the Ice Cave (Ball Eject) for award during 1-BALL PLAY.

Hint -> Pressing the Extra Ball Buyin Button during the course of a game activates the Extra Ball Buyin Feature at the end of game play!

(C) 1994 Sega Pinball, Inc. 755-5070-00
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