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Masters of the Universe (Original) by rom

SS Original Table FP Masters of the Universe (Original) by rom vULE RAPID LOADER

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by rom
at 2012-10-13
Type Original

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE unlimited edition:

NEW: Added a version that loads in only 8 seconds. You will not really notice any changes on the table. Give it a try and decide for yourself!!!

An original Future Pinball table created by rom dedicated to the He-man series and the fantastic vintage Mattel toys I used to love when I was a kid.

The Hyperpin logo is available in the GOPINBALL ressources exchange section.
INSTRUCTIONS SHEET is included in the download. You might want to read them carefully (it might be worth it).

IMPORTANT settings in the VIDEO/RENDERING options:

-Model quality MUST BE set to HIGH!

-Render ornaments must be CHECKED!

-Render game room must be UN-CHECKED!

Note: This table was created and tested using the original Future Pinball physics. So I do not guarantee flawless gameplay if you use other physics, but it was reported to play well on those physics too!


It may happen sometimes (especially during the 9 ball multiball) that the game produces no new ball when it should.


1) Balls can't drain because they stick next to each other below the apron in front of the drain hole (happens if too many balls want to drain at the same time).

No problem here, try a little nudge and the balls should drain.

2) One or two balls are stuck in the kicker behind the spinner below Skeletor. (solution: press K on the keyboard)

Explanation what the HELP keys do:

PRESS K: If and ONLY IF a ball is stuck somewhere in a kicker press K on the keyboard. This will pulse all kickers once.

(it happened to me once during the 9 ball that 2 balls were stuck in the skeletor kicker behind the spinner)


ONLY IF nudging or pressing K will produce NO RESULT:

PRESS B: If and ONLY IF a ball can't be found or is completely stuck and can't be nudged free any more press B on the keyboard.

This will produce a new ball in the plunger lane and you can keep on playing to save your high score.

(never happened so far, just thought it might be useful….who knows)

(NOTE: This is no cheat button and WILL mess up the game if the ball is NOT stuck or lost)


No new ball:


…nothing happens then

-STEP 2: press K (you can press this key more than just once);

…nothing happens then (last resort)

-STEP 3: press B (only press ONCE)
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