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Masters Of The Universe (Original) by rom

SS Original Table FP Masters Of The Universe (Original) by rom vPhysics 2.5

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by rom
at 2013-05-18
Type Original

FP Physics 2.5

DMD Mod Version by Hyperion
This is Masters Of The Universe optimized for physics 2.5.
This version runs very smooth on even weaker computers.
This is a Rapid Loader.

Mods of this table :
Masters of the Universe 1.0 Physics 2.5 with DMD Mod

Ball lost? No problem:
Step 1:
Try pressing "k" on your keyboard ONCE and wait a little.....
No result? No problem:
Step 2:
Press "b" on your keyboard ONCE! (you will have a new ball in the plunger and can continue playing)

Please read instruction cards.
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