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Masters of the Universe (Original) MASTERED Edition

SS Original Table FP Masters of the Universe (Original) MASTERED Edition v(Desktop Only)

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by Hyperion, rom, TerryRed
at 2017-06-16
Type Original

FP Physics 2.5

A video demonstration that shows off all the features of the MASTERED Edition can be seen here:
You Have the POWER!!! with my MASTERED Edition update to "Rom's" excellent "Masters of the Universe" Future Pinball table. This table mod is inspired by SLAMT1LT's tables as well as the newer pinball machines (from JJP, Stern, Heighway Pinball) that now use monitors instead of DMDs.


- new backglass with various fanart. Formatted specifically to work with 16:9, and 4:3 screens.

- new full motion video sequences for almost all table actions and modes. These are NEW hi-resolution video clips that now appear on the backglass (and display HUD for desktop users)

- new info display shown on backglass

- new sound clips

Watch Prince Adam dance to the beat (and the animated matching flashers) of Castle Multi-Ball!

Experience the thrill of Ripper Multi-Ball.

FEEL the POWER when you become HE-MAN in He-Man multi-ball.

FEAR Skeletor as he launches his devastating 9-Ball Multi-Ball and watch him laugh at you on the backglass.

Go beyond the days of DMDs and see full hi resolution videos and info displays on the new animated backglass.

Don't be a cheap skate, or Skeletor will get angry!

With 1000's of images, and new sounds...this makes for a MOTU experience like no other, and a Pinball experience found nowhere else!

Mods of this table :
Masters of the Universe 3.1
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