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Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997) VP8 v1.02 Jamin
by Jamin
IPD No. 4032

Note from Xenonph:
This table needs to be played using VP6. The display is messed up when using VP8.
Find VP6.exe here..
If you have display problems with any older VP8 tables, try playing them with VP6 and 99% of the time it will fix your display problems.

Rules for Williams' "Medieval Madness" (v.1.0 ROM)

author: Bowen Kerins
last update: 2 March, 2003
"Medieval Madness", "Williams", and lots of other things are probably trademarks and copyrights of WMS Industries. Sorry. Also, please feel free to distribute this rulesheet in any form, just don't charge for it.

New Since Last Time
Email address changed
Major update for v1.0 software -- new quotes and rules
"Video Mode" section updated
"Super Jets" moved to new section
2 March 2003 - Answered Castle Crusher question in the 1997 version with information from Matt Gies.
Medieval Madness is the long-awaited game from the Williams design team which created the hit "Attack From Mars". In many ways (especially in playfield layout), Medieval Madness is similar to Attack From Mars (AFM), but it should not be classified as simply "AFM on steroids". In fact, Medieval Madness is, for the most part, a slower-paced game than AFM. It also tends to be a "friendlier" game, with few shots which are drain risks.

Medieval Madness also features the same sense of humor which made AFM that much more popular. From the flying saucer on the backglass to the cursing mobster whose castle you seek to destroy, Madness is loaded with one- liners. It's equally amazing how long some of the sound bites are. Catch Sir Psycho's maniacal laughter if you get the chance.

Fix Yer Trolls (for Sample games only)
An important note for those who are playing "sample" versions of Medieval Madness: there is a problem with the flaps for the Trolls. They tend not to remain level with the playfield, as many have noticed. A fix for this problem is in place for the production version, and an update for the flaps is being shipped to distributors of sample games. If you have this problem with your local Medieval Madness, get the operator to contact the local Wms distributor.

Playfield Design: Brian Eddy
Software: Lyman F. Sheats, Jr.
Project Engineer: Robert C. Friesl
Dot Matrix Animation: Adam Rhine
Sound & Music: Dan "Toasty" Forden
Artwork: Greg Freres and John Youssi
Voices provided by Second City, Chicago
and a cast of hundreds

-- Got credits? Mail me.

Playfield and Backglass Art
Both the playfield and glass are well done, in my opinion. The backglass has an imposing king, holding up a sword... and surrounded by total chaos! Many jokes here and there on the backglass, including a sign which reads "You must be at least this tall to enter a siege", invaders being doused with Dragonade, a sneaker-wearing troll, and an unusual flying carpet.

The playfield art is a little more subdued (as it should be), but watch for some unusual crowns, and a cannonball with a note on it. Also check out the plastic above the catapult, and the jousters in the orbits.

Defeat the "King of Payne" and All the King's Men in a Battle for the Kingdom. Save damsels in distress, help the revolting peasants, launch farm animals at castles, win jousting contests, kill wisecracking trolls. In order to reach "Battle for the Kingdom" you must complete six tasks, marked with blue lights on the playfield near the castle. These six tasks are, from top to bottom:

Master of Trolls
Defender of Damsels
Patron of the Peasants
Catapult Ace
Joust Champion
Castle Crusher
Each is described in a separate section below.

Playfield and Basic Rules
If you have Web access, you may want to direct your browser to the Wms web site at -- the site has a superb "Explore the Playfield" feature, allowing you to see the MM playfield and the function of all major shots. Here, the playfield is described in full textual glory.

Just the two!
Left Inlane / Outlane
Plenty of rubber in the area makes saves a little easier than on some games, but it is difficult to bounce the ball out of the inlane/outlane area. Both the inlane and outlane light a letter in FIRE (like KHAN on "Shadow"). Completing FIRE adds 2 Bonus X. Completing FIRE a set number of times (default 8) lights Video Mode in v1.0.
the most difficult shot in the game, to the far left side -- about the same position as the Drac shot in "Taxi" or the Hang-On shot in "Dr. Who"... more difficult than either, since there is no metal guide to help. You are more likely to fall into the Catapult by a slingshot bounce than from a direct shot, in my opinion, although there is value in a direct shot (see below). The catapult fires the ball around the back of the Castle and back to the left inlane. Catapult advances toward the Catapult Slam! award and the "Catapult Ace" light. See "Catapult Ace" section for more.
Catapult Standup
Shooting the Catapult shot directly from the right flipper may hit the red standup target in the back of the Catapult area. This target, in single-ball play, counts as a Catapult hit; since the ball promptly falls into the Catapult, you get credit for 2 Catapult shots. This is especially useful in Royal Madness (see "Royal Madness" section).
Left Joust Orbit
Fairly standard-position orbit. Feeds bumpers during multiballs, while Super Jets is lit, or when you score a Joust Victory -- otherwise screams around the orbit. Shots advance toward the Joust Victory award and the "Joust Champion" light. See "Joust Champion" section for more.
Left (Peasant) Ramp
fairly long and wide ramp, feeds around the Castle and to the left inlane. The ramp is "split" (looks broken with a six-inch lengthwise break), designed so that missed ramp shots feed directly to the right flipper. Certainly a good idea. Shots advance toward the Peasant Revolt award and the "Patron of the Peasants" light. See "Patron of the Peasants" section for more.
the back left of the playfield is taken up by a large castle. The castle has two entrances (the Lock and the Main Entrance, described below) as well as a moat in front. Balls which fall into the moat (either by a short shot to the Lock or a shot to the closed Main Entrance) are ejected into the Left Joust Orbit and return to the left flipper.
in the same position as the Lock ramp on "Attack From Mars", this is a short shot, jumping over the moat and into the castle through a door (which the ball passes through easily). Lock advances toward Castle Multiball, and collects Super Jackpots and Double Super Jackpots during Castle Multiball and Multiball Madness. See "Castle Multiball" and "Multiball Madness" sections for more.
Left Troll
the Trolls are under the two doors in the playfield (very much like the Trap Door from "Theatre of Magic"). The Left Troll blocks the Lock shot when raised, although it is possible to bank a ball into the Lock off the other Troll. Trolls are active during the Trolls! round and during Troll Madness. Destroying trolls advances toward the "Master of Trolls" light. See "Master of Trolls" and "Multiball Madness" sections for more.
Left Troll Standup
one of two standups to the left and right of the Main Entrance. These standups light Trolls!, and can award Troll Bombs. See "Master of Trolls" section for more.
Main Entrance
The Main Entrance is straight up the middle of the game. Since the Castle is angled slightly, the Main Entrance is less of a drain hazard than the Saucer on AFM, though you should be prepared to slap save many a ball. One of the main goals of the game is to enter the Castle via the Main Entrance. To do this, you must go through three stages:
Drawbridge up: a Drawbridge blocks the entrance; hit the Drawbridge (actually, the opto sensor in front of the moat) a number of times to lower it. After hitting the Drawbridge, the ball will most likely fall into the moat, and return via the left orbit.
Drawbridge down, gate down: the ball may cross the Drawbridge, but a gate keeps the ball from entering the Castle. Hit the gate a number of times to raise it.
Now, enter the castle to destroy it. Destroying castles advances toward the "Castle Crusher" light.
See "Castle Crusher" section for details on the number of hits. You may shoot for the Main Entrance toward Castles at any time, including any Multiball. Once a Castle is destroyed, you may immediately begin making progress on the next Castle. The Main Entrance also collects the Castle Hurry-Up (see section for more).
Right Troll Standup
To right of Main Entrance. Advances toward lighting Trolls! and toward Troll Bombs.
Merlin's Saucer
a standard saucer, a little to the left of the Stroke of Luck scoop from AFM. The ball is kicked out of the saucer into the Right Joust Orbit, returning to the right flipper. The saucer awards Merlin's Magic (a random award, see "Merlin's Magic" section) and starts Trolls!, Multiball Madness, and Royal Madness (when lit). Extra balls are also collected at this saucer. It is possible to fall into the saucer from the Jet Bumpers (far less likely than in AFM), where it will award Extra Ball when lit, but nothing else.
Right Troll
blocks Merlin's Saucer when raised during Trolls! or Troll Madness. It is possible to hit Merlin's Saucer during Trolls! by banking a ball off the Left Troll. See "Master of Trolls" and "Multiball Madness" sections for more.
Right (Dragon / Damsel) Ramp
The ramp is equipped with a diverter; most shots travel around a short ramp and back to the right inlane, but when lit, the shot travels straight to a hole in the back right of the cabinet (to "save the damsel"), then feeds the rollover lanes. The ramp entrance is "split" (like the Left Ramp), so that missed ramp shots fall to the right flipper. Ramp shots advance toward the Damsel Save award and the "Defender of Damsels" light. See "Defender of Damsels" section for more.
Right Joust Orbit
functions identically to the Left Joust Orbit with respect to feeds. Shots advance to the Joust Victory award and the "Joust Champion" light.
Merlin's Magic targets
3 red standups on the right. Shoot all 3 to light Merlin's Magic if unlit. Progress on the targets reset ball-to-ball.
Right Inlane / Outlane
spot FIRE for +2 Bonus X on either the inlane or outlane, advancing toward Video Mode. Right drains seem to be more common than left drains.
Top Rollovers
identical to AFM. Two rollovers; complete both for +1 Bonus X. Warning: the rollovers are very hard to see!
Jet Bumpers
The bumpers score a marginal number of points, and advance toward Super Jets. See "Super Jets" section for more.
At start of ball, the normal plunge is to the rollover lanes, but a Super Skill Shot exists (see "Skill Shot" section for more). All plunged balls for Multiball travel to the rollover lanes.
Ball Launcher
red button, launches the ball... also activates Troll Bombs if you have any (see "Master of Trolls" section for more). Also may prove useful during Video Mode.
Ball Saver
There is a brief (~5 sec.) ball saver (after the ball has exited the bumpers) at the start of each ball. A ball saver is also in place at the start of any multiball, at the start of Royal Madness (which is not a multiball), and if you should complete Trolls! during Multiball Madness.

Skill Shot
The normal Skill Shot is the same as it was on AFM: one rollover is flashing, roll over it. 50K + 10K each successive Skill Shot is yours, as is +5 Bonus X. Miss, and you receive nothing but humble pie.

Or: you may go for the Super Skill Shot. Hold in the left flipper to enable the Super Skill Shot. As in AFM, the ball will plunge around the orbit to the left flipper, and all shots will light (orbits, ramps, Catapult). Collect a shot to score 100K and start a Castle Hurry-Up (see "Castle Hurry-Up" section). Collecting the Super Skill Shot does NOT credit you with finishing a set of shots (as it did on AFM); you only get credit for the one shot toward any requirement.

I usually take the Super Skill Shot for the quick points, but the regular Skill Shot is far safer, and may actually be worth more on a good ball.

Game start quotes:

"It's a great day for jousting!"
"I am Merlin, wise and old. Listen up to what you're told."
"I am the King of Payne... welcome to my empire!"
"... welcome to my domain!"
"... my men will destroy you!"
"... defend yourself!"
Merlin's Magic
Merlin's Magic is lit to start the game, and collected at Merlin's Saucer. It is relit by completing the 3-bank of standup targets on the right side.

Awards include:

Light Lock
Award Lock
Castle Multiball (typical award on ball 3 of a bad game)
Light Trolls!
Start Trolls! (typical award if you are about to start Multiball Madness)
3 Troll Bombs
+5 Bonus X
Hold Bonus X
Light Extra Ball
Start Hurry-Up
______ Madness (any of the 5 Madness rounds)
Lower Drawbridge
Destroy Castle Gate (!)
Destroy Castle (!!)
Video Mode (when enabled, will always be selected)
Smack-A-Troll: the Trolls alternately pop up for 2 or 3 seconds, while a timer counts down from 15. Smack A Troll, and the timer resets (look for a really cool animation). Can be combined with any multiball. Each Troll scores 300K and advances toward "Master of Trolls" (see section). A very rare and very cool award. The Trolls taunt you: "Come on, hit me!" "You ca-a-a-n't hit me..." and others.
I believe this to be the complete list.

"It's not tragic, you have Merlin's Magic!"
"Let's see what we've got here..."
"Ah, here it is!"
Video Mode
Video Mode is lit by (default) 8 completions of FIRE (on the inlanes and outlanes), and started in Merlin's Saucer. Note: Video Mode is only available in the release ROM (v1.0), not in the sample games' ROM (v0.5).

The video mode is called "Save the Children", and you must save 3 children from being captured by a large flock of buzzards (or some other evil bird). Kill 30, and you win. If one child is taken, you lose. The mode plays a lot like Defender, with the buzzards trying to carry the babies off the top of the dot display. You receive 100K for each buzzard killed, and a 1M bonus for completion.

There is a secret weapon available in the Video Mode.

Additionally, it is possible to alter the Video Mode slightly, although difficult. See below if you're interested.

"They took our children!" (losing)
Super Jets
The game begins with a countdown: 50 jets for 1 million. When 50 jets are hit, 1M is awarded, and Super Jets begins. In Super Jets, the next 40 hits are worth a higher value (25K the first time). Super Jets ends with the ball in play, or when the 40 hits are complete. Completing 40 hits awards the same value that was given before Super Jets began.

The next Super Jets requires 25 more hits than the last, awards raise by 1 million, and Super Jets raise by 25K (effectively 1M over the 40 jets). So the second Super Jets takes 75 hits to reach, 2M bonus to start, 50K per jet, 2M completion bonus. Et cetera.

When Super Jets is active, balls along the Joust loops will always feed the bumpers. This is especially useful during Royal Madness, when ball control is a must.

Castle Multiball
Castle Multiball is started with shots to the Lock in the Castle. For the first multiball, 3 shots are required; for successive multiballs, 6 shots are required. Locks are virtual, like AFM; no balls are held by the machine.

There are 3 stages to multiball:

In the first stage, either ramp is worth a Jackpot, base value 750K. Five ramp shots are required to light the Super Jackpot.
The Super Jackpot is double the Jackpot value (base of 1.5M). Super Jackpot is lit at the Lock shot.
If you collect the Super Jackpot, both ramps, both orbits, Lock, and Catapult light for Super Jackpots. The orbits are separate Super Jackpots.
Complete all the Super Jackpots in the third stage, and you return to the first stage, with the Jackpot increased permanently by 250K (so Super Jackpots increase by 500K).

Needless to say, Castle Multiball is very valuable: going through all 3 stages at the base value is worth a total of 14,250,000. On default settings, completing the second stage (the first Super Jackpot) for the first time in a game lights an Extra Ball at Merlin's Saucer. Harder settings require completion of all three stages to light the EB, easier settings require the completion of only the first stage.

Master of Trolls / Trolls!
To get the "Master of Trolls" light you need to destroy a default of 10 Trolls. Trolls may be destroyed in the Trolls! round, Troll Madness, Royal Madness, or Smack-A-Troll. Since you need to complete Trolls! to light Troll Madness, let's talk about Trolls! first.

To light Trolls! you must hit the Troll Standups (to either side of the Main Entrance) the required number of times (factory default 8). Then, Trolls! is lit at Merlin's Saucer. Hitting these standups an additional (default) 8 times, either before or during Trolls!, will award 1 Troll Bomb. You can also light Trolls!, start Trolls!, or receive 3 Troll Bombs from a "Merlin's Magic" award (see section)

During Trolls!, both Trolls pop up from under the playfield, and you must hit each (default) 3 times in 30 seconds. (Settings vary from 2 to 4.) You may also use Troll Bombs by hitting the launch button; they count as a single hit on the Troll closest to death. During Trolls! you may earn additional Troll Bombs by hitting the standups, or by banking a shot off a Troll and into either the Lock or Merlin's Saucer. A shot off one Troll into the Lock or Merlin's Saucer gives 1 Troll Bomb. It is possible to cheat and earn Troll Bombs during Multiball by hitting the left Troll with a ball while a second ball lands in Merlin's Saucer from behind. Note that although you tend to receive Troll Bombs during Trolls!, you can use them anytime Trolls are active (Multiball Madness, Royal Madness, Battle for the Kingdom). Often they may prove useful in these other rounds, so you may want to hold on to your Bombs.

Note that you need 3 shots to record 1 Troll Destroyed toward the requirement. You do not receive a Troll for each shot during Trolls!

Successfully completing Trolls! awards 1M and lights Troll Madness at Merlin's Saucer, UNLESS...

you already have Troll Madness lit, or have played Multiball Madness already -- then completing Trolls! starts or extends a Castle Hurry-Up (see section)
or, Trolls! was started at the same time as Multiball Madness, in which case Troll Madness is immediately added to the current Multiball Madness. This is a very good thing to do -- all balls lost during Multiball Madness are returned, a brief ball saver is given, and all Super Jackpots are worth an additional 150K.
If Troll Madness is active during Multiball Madness, one of the two trolls will pop up. Hitting the Troll scores a Troll Super Jackpot worth half the Super Jackpot (for the curious, this is 125K + 75K * # of active Madnesses) and the other pops up. Each Troll killed here counts toward the requirement. You can use Troll Bombs during Multiball Madness, and may want to if you are close to the requirement.


lighting: "Beware, Knight!" "Trolls to fight!"
"Mmm, human burgers." "Do we get fries with that?"
"Trolls rule." "That's right. Rule the Universe!" "You make us mad!"
"We eat you for lunch." "With croutons and sprouts!"
"Look, your shoe's untied!" "Can't we all just get along?"
(bomb earned) "You call that a shot?"
(killing one) "He was weak. I am strong!"
"He was useless. I am invincible!"
"Hey, don't leave me out here alone!"
King: "Trolls. Go. Now. Get him!" "My Trolls will stop you."
King: "You call yourselves Trolls?" "Eh, it's so hard to find good help."
King: "Trolls, do not disappoint me again!"
King: "Trolls, do not fail me this time."
Defender of Damsels
To get the "Defender of Damsels" light you need to save (default) 3 damsels. To save a damsel, shoot the right ramp 4 times. The first three shots will return to the right inlane, and score 25K (Dragon Breath), 50K (Dragon Snack), and 75K (Dragon Death).

The fourth shot feeds to the window in the back right of the cabinet. This shot scores 100K, gives 1 Damsel Save, and lights the Damsel Madness light if not already lit. Sometimes scoring a Damsel Save will also start or extend a Castle Hurry-Up (see section). There are 5 damsels to save, each with her own set of (mostly) funny quotes.

You may also earn 1 Damsel Save during Royal Madness (see section).

(opera singer) "I'm getting hungry!"
"I feel like singing!"
"I'm all skin and bones up here!"
"Please save me. And don't forget the donuts!"
"Yoo hoo, mein helmet has horns!"
Merlin: "It's not over until the fat lady sings!"
(valley girl) "Oh my god, this dragon is, like, totally grody! Ew!"
"This dragon is frizzing my hair!"
"I'm, like, totally captured!"
"Yoo hoo, up here..."
"Uh, do you have a horse?"
"Totally chivalrous!"
"Ohmigod, you are, like, so cute!"
(saucy wench) "That dragon is big! But I bet you're bigger!" (sheesh)
"Is that a sword in your pocket?"
"I've got a reward for you..." "Now, now, now!" "Go, go, go!"
"Take me, I'm yours." (boy oh boy)
"Not now, I have a headache!" (oh darn)
"I always knew that someday my prince would come."
(jewish goyl) "This dragon is an animal!"
"I need saving."
"You want me to fry?"
"You got air conditioning up here?"
"What am I, chopped liver?"
"Toasty!" (Dragon Snack)
"Fatality!" (Dragon Death)
"What are you, some kind of prince or somethin'?"
"Where have you been?"
(english woman) "Up heah, in the towah!"
"Mind the dragon, love."
"The rain in Spain... oh, just save me!"
"Now's your chance. Save me!"
"Let's get married so we can get a divorce!"
Patron of the Peasants
To get the "Patron of the Peasants" light you need to score (default) 3 Peasant Revolts. To score a Peasant Revolt, shoot the left ramp 4 times. All shots return to the left inlane, and score 25K (Rabble Rouser), 50K (Angry Mob), 75K (Ugly Riot), and 100K (Peasant Revolt).

The fourth shot also gives 1 Peasant Revolt, and lights Peasant Madness if not already lit. Sometimes scoring a Peasant Revolt will also start or extend a Castle Hurry-Up (see section).

You may also earn 1 Peasant Revolt during Royal Madness (see section).

Most of the quotes here involve peasants complaining about what's been taken from them.

"They've taken our shrubberies!!
...pinball machines!
...wives! (cheering)
... gruel! (cheering)
... livestock and treasured historical monuments!"
"Grab a pitchfork and come with me!"
"The castle burns!... Get the marshmallows! ...the weenies!"
"I'll drink to that!"
"Let's revolt, who's with me?"
"Good work, men."
Catapult Ace
To get the "Catapult Ace" light you need to score (default) 3 Catapult Slams. To score a Catapult Slam, shoot the Catapult (or the Catapult Standup) 3 times. The first two shots score 50K (Catapult Wham) and 75K (Catapult Bam).

The third shot allows you to play the brief "The Catapult" game, where you can choose which of 5 items to throw at the castle -- a duck, a cat, a cow, a bowling ball, and a skull head (not that Skull head, sorry, but sounds like it). Before making your selection, you will be told the values of each item (10K, 25K, 100K, 250K, 500K, seemingly random). Flip both flippers to choose -- it helps to remember the sequence of the items, or at least which item comes before the one you want. You only have about 5 seconds to choose, so be quick. Successive tries tell you which items you have already fired, challenging you to fire all 5 items. If you manage to do this, enjoy! Moo. There is also a special bonus for continually hurling cows.

The third shot scores 100K (additional to the launching bonus), gives 1 Catapult Slam, and lights Catapult Madness if not already lit. Sometimes scoring a Catapult Slam will also start or extend a Castle Hurry-Up (see section).

Keep in mind that the Catapult Standup can make your life easier, reducing 3 shots to 2. The Catapult Standup won't count for the third shot, since you'll fall into the Catapult immediately anyway.

You may also earn 1 Catapult Slam during Royal Madness (see section).

Not many quotes here...

"Pull!" "Fire!"
and that's pretty much it.
Joust Champion
To get the "Joust Champion" light you need to score (default) 3 Joust Victories. To score a Joust Victory, shoot the orbits 3 times (either orbit counts; the lights on each orbit show the same progress). The first shot scores 50K (Joust Charge), and the second 75K (Joust Clash). Both these shots will go all the way around the orbit, unless Super Jets is active.

The third shot awards 100K and feeds the bumpers. It also gives 1 Joust Victory, and lights Joust Madness if not already lit. Sometimes scoring a Joust Victory will also start or extend a Castle Hurry-Up (see section).

You may also earn 1 Joust Victory during Royal Madness (see section).

"Oh my, he breaks the lance!"
"That had to hurt!"
"Gory but good!"
Sir Missalot, Sir Loin of Beef, Sir Moovenstein (?), Sir Lanceless
"Sir _______ charges up the center lane!" (jeeez)
"Sir _______, with the shish kebob!"
"Oh, Sir _______ is down!"
"Sir _______, with the lance! Boom shaka laka!" (Lanceless :)
Castle Hurry-Up
The rule about Castle Hurry-Ups is somewhat confusing. If you've just completed Damsel Save, Catapult Slam, Peasant Revolt, Joust Victory, or Trolls! (in single-ball play), and this completion lights the corresponding Madness for Multiball Madness (i.e., sets the light to flashing), then this completion will NOT light or extend a Castle Hurry-Up. Otherwise, it will. In other words:

If you haven't played Multiball Madness yet, you won't get a Castle Hurry- Up unless you repeat something you've already completed.
If you have played Multiball Madness (but not yet Royal Madness), you get a Castle Hurry-Up every time.
Trolls! won't give you a Castle Hurry-Up during Multiball Madness.
You may also start Castle Hurry-Up via a Super Skill Shot or Merlin's Magic award.

The Castle Hurry-Up value starts at 1M and decreases rather quickly, to a minimum of 250K. Collect the Hurry-Up at the Main Entrance, regardless of the state of the current Castle.

If you complete another row of lights which would normally start a Castle Hurry-Up while one is running, the Hurry-Up resets to a higher value. The second completion adds 2M to the Hurry-Up value, then each successive completion adds 500K more than the last. So the Hurry-Up is worth 3M with two, 5.5M with 3, 8.5M with 4, 12M with 5, et cetera. If there is a limit, it is at least 25 million. The Hurry-Up counts down at the same speed, so there is no need to worry about it timing out if you have at least a double going.

Each Hurry-Up collected is counted (so a 3M Hurry-Up counts as two), and (default) 10 Hurry-Ups lights Extra Ball at Merlin's Saucer. A second EB is available at (yeesh) 40 Hurry-Ups.

Merlin congratulates you on completing a Hurry-Up.

"What skill!"
"You did it!"
"Good, good, good..."
Castle Crusher
To get the "Castle Crusher" light, you must destroy the 6 Castles of the King of Payne and All The King's Men: Sir Howard Hurtz (a mobster), Francois de Grimm (a Frenchman), the Earl of Ego (a narcissist), the Duke of Bourbon (a drunk), and Sir Psycho (a... uh, psycho). The order in which you go after the King's Men in random, but the King of Payne is always last (similar to the cities in AFM).

To destroy the Nth Castle, you will need to do the following:

hit the Drawbridge N times to lower it (1 for the first, 6 for the King)
hit the lowered Gate N+1 times to raise it (2 for the first, 7 for the King) Each hit to the lowered Gate scores 200K * Castle # for the first 5 Castles, and 2M per hit for the King's Castle.
enter the Castle to destroy it (watch for the cool effect) Destroying a Castle scores 2M * Castle # for the first 5 Castles, 20M for the King's Castle.
As noted above, there isn't anything special about the King of Payne's Castle except that it is more difficult than the others, and his taunts are a little more direct...

Destroying all 6 Castles is worth at least 78 million (28 million in Gate hits and 50 million in bonuses for destroying Castles), so it's a decent way to get a replay or high score if you work at it above all else. Multiballs can help, and remember that the Main Entrance is a much safer shot than AFM's saucer.

If you complete Castle Crusher before the other 5 lights, the Drawbridge will remain open but the Gate will come back down. Each Gate hit scores 750K; after quite a few (7? 8?), the Gate opens for a shot at the "Castle Bonus" of 7.5M. The animation shows a Castle being destroyed, but this doesn't make any progress toward reaching the King a second time. (It also does not count toward the number of Castles destroyed.) Battle for the Kingdom will only light during single-ball play, so if you destroy the King's Castle during a multiball, you'll have to wait a bit. Oh, poor you.

Destroying a certain number of Castles (default is 2) lights an Extra Ball at Merlin's Saucer.

(general) King: "You will never defeat ________!"
King, after Castle destruction: "Eh, I never liked that guy anyway."
"I'm the Duke of Bourbon... I think!"
"I'm the Duke of Bourbon, and I will destroy you! Hic!"
"It's happy hour!"
"Come on in, and we'll take this outside!"
"Didja bring any princesses?"
"I don't remember inviting you...!"
"Stop making all that noise!"
"Where's my castle?"
"Where's the bathroom?"
"Happy New Year!"
"I'm Howard Hurtz. Who the -bleep- are you?"
"You know why they call me Howard Hurtz? Lord, Howard Hurtz!"
"I'm Howard Hurtz, and I'm gonna put the hurt on you."
"You think this is funny?"
"You got a lot of nerve, pal!"
"I think we got a tough guy here."
"Try that again and I'll break your finger."
"Oh, I wish someone would invent the gun!"
"Get away from my castle, you dirty rat."
"You're gonna be sleepin' with the fishes."
"I'm gonna make you look like an accident."
"He made me an offer I couldn't refuse." King: "You fool!"
"I'm a dead man."
"Now I'm gonna be sleepin' with the fishes."
"Lord, Howard hurts!"
"I am Francois de Grimm, and I will get medieval on your derriere!"
"I am Francois de Grimm, and I will get medieval on your behind!"
"Go away, you peasant from another kingdom."
"You are totally ruining my paint job!"
"I will reduce you to french fries!"
"You cannot fight, or cook!"
"I will boil you in oil, and wrap your feet in cabbage!"
"I will sic my hamster on you!"
"You will remove that battering ram from my castle!"
"Big deal! I have another one just like it down the road."
"Big deal! It was a rental."
"Sir Psycho declares war on you! Ya understand?"
"You can't beat me, I'm medicated!"
"Don't... make... me... MAD!"
"I'm... getting... ANGRY!"
"You're driving me crazier!"
"Mommy never loved me!"
"My castle! Boooooooooo!"
"My castle! I don't care... I don't care..."
"I am the Earl of Ego, and I am far superior to you."
"I am the Earl of Ego, kneel before me."
"How dare you lay seige to a nobleman's castle..."
"My patience grows thin, lowly peasant."
... something involving filthy and wretched
"I thought I locked that gate."
"We are not amused!"
"Aargh... my glorious castle, ruined!"
King: "You dare seige MY castle?"
"Not now, I'm on the throne..."
"You have destroyed my castle, but you will never destroy ME..."
Multiball Madness
Multiball Madness is a 2- to 4-ball multiball round, where every major shot (orbits, ramps, Catapult, Lock, and possibly the Trolls) is worth either a Jackpot, a Super Jackpot, or a Double Super Jackpot! How about that!

To start Multiball Madness, shoot Merlin's Saucer when at least one of the five Madness lights is flashing. How to get each light:

Troll Madness: finish Trolls!
Damsel Madness: score Damsel Save
Peasant Madness: score Peasant Revolt
Catapult Madness: score Catapult Slam
Joust Madness: score Joust Victory
Madnesses may also be awarded by Merlin's Magic. It seems to only offer this to you when Multiball Madness is about to begin, which is probably for the better.

It is therefore easy to light Multiball Madness. However, the more Madness lights you have flashing going into the round, the better. Why?

The shots corresponding to each flashing light will be lit for Super Jackpot instead of Jackpot.
The value of the Jackpot and Super Jackpot increases with each Madness lit.
The number of balls in Multiball Madness is determined by the number of Madness rounds lit:
1 Madness light -- 2 balls
2-4 Madness lights -- 3 balls
5 Madness lights -- 4 balls and a loud introduction (Sunday! Sunday!)
Scoring in Multiball Madness is as follows:

Jackpots in Multiball Madness are worth 75K + 25K * (# Madnesses lit) -- minimum 100K, maximum 175K.
Super Jackpots are worth 250K + 150K * (# Madnesses lit) -- a minimum of 400K and a maximum of 1M.
If Troll Madness is active, the raised Troll is worth a "Troll Super Jackpot", worth half the Super Jackpot.
The Lock shot is worth a Double Super Jackpot, up to 2M.
The Catapult Standup awards the associated Catapult award; so, in effect, there is more than one way to score a Double Super Jackpot.

Important note: if Trolls! begins at the start of Multiball Madness (and it often will), completing Trolls! will instantly add Troll Madness to the ongoing multiball, and act as if it had just started (you'll hear the game introduce Troll Madness). All lost balls are returned (and, depending, you may get more balls), the ball saver comes back on, and the Super Jackpot value increases.

Like AFM's Total Annihilation, watch the display at the end of Multiball Madness to find out how you did. There is a Master of Madness award for the highest-scoring Multiball Madness round. If the display reads "Multiball Madness Champion" instead of "Multiball Madness Total", well, congratulations.

Once you have played Multiball Madness, you may not play it again until after you have played Royal Madness (see below) by lighting all 5 Madness lights. Since you can only play Multiball Madness once, it makes sense to wait until you have as many Madness lights flashing as possible, and to limit the amount of time during which only one Madness light is flashing. Plan your shots accordingly!

(100,000 is a jackpot now? Man.)

Royal Madness
Royal Madness is lit at Merlin's Saucer when you have lit all 5 of the Madness lights, and have already played Multiball Madness. Royal Madness is a single-ball round where the goal is to make 10 shots (2 to each ramp, 2 to the orbits, 2 to the Catapult, and 1 to each Troll) before a 20-second timer runs out. If you manage to make all 10 shots, you are immediately rewarded with an Extra Ball (or 15 million, depending on settings).

For some reason, Royal Madness gives the player a brief ball saver, even though only one ball is in play. Go figure. Take advantage by aiming for the most difficult shot right away, the Catapult.

The timer is set to 20 seconds; making any shot resets the timer (and you'll hear a warning at 10 seconds, and a countdown from 5 seconds left). During Royal Madness, the Lock shot remains lit; it will award one shot of the 10, starting with the Catapult. The Catapult Standup also counts as a shot to the Catapult, so it is possible to finish the difficult Catapult requirement with one solid shot.

The first shot of the 2 required (or the first Troll) scores 200K and awards 1 of whatever award is given for completing that shot in regular play (1 Catapult Slam, etc.). The second shot awards a Jackpot worth 1.5M + 250K for each additional Royal Madness (second time around is 1.75M, etc.). Sample games base this Jackpot on your performance during Multiball Madness, approximately one-tenth of your total in the round. The second Troll counts toward your total of Trolls destroyed.

Orbit shots will careen back around if Super Jets isn't running, so watch out!

Note that you can use Troll Bombs during Royal Madness. Although it is relatively easy to hit the Trolls anyway, you may want to keep this in mind if you have 2 seconds left on the clock and need a shot, or the Troll is the final shot of Royal Madness (which happens on occasion).

Royal Madness ends when you finish the 10 shots and collect the Extra Ball, when you drain the ball, or when time runs out (there is a brief grace period, as always). Whatever happens, the process of setting up Multiball Madness begins anew.

Battle for the Kingdom
(potential spoiler)

"The Reign of Payne is at an end. He never wanted to be your friend!"
"The King of Payne has had his way. Now it's time for him to pay!" (?)
If all 6 blue lights (Master of Trolls, Defender of Damsels, Patron of the Peasants, Catapult Ace, Joust Champion, and Castle Crusher) have been lit, Battle for the Kingdom is lit at the Main Entrance. You can only start BfK in single-ball play.

BfK is a 4-ball multiball with about a 15 second ball saver to start. You must hit each of the following shots (all are lit to start):

Catapult, both ramps, both orbits (separately), Lock.

Each of these shots awards a 2.5M Battle Jackpot.

If all shots are completed, the lowest blue light will flash; this is your cue to start pounding away at the Castle (the Gate will be down). Each shot to the Gate awards a 5M Battle Jackpot and advances the blue lights. Also at this time, the Trolls pop up, limiting your angle on the Gate. The only way they'll go down is with a Troll Bomb, so hopefully you saved two. If not, remind yourself that the Trolls save more drains than they cause.

After 6 shots, the white Battle for the Kingdom light will flash. Hit the Gate once more for another 5M. The gate will raise, and the red arrow toward the Main Entrance will flash.

I wonder what you're supposed to do next. Do it, and you will have won the Battle for the Kingdom and a 50 million bonus! And pat yourself on the back, because it's quite hard, much harder than Rule the Universe! Enjoy the celebration.

You also may want to enjoy the Victory Laps, which light on all major shots. Each Victory Lap scores a base of 500K, and flashes all major shots for an Ultra Combo. The Ultra Combo scores double the Victory Lap value, and adds 20K to it. So the shots go 500K, 1M, 1.04M, 1.08M, etc. When the Ultra Combos time out, you just have to get another Victory Lap. I think it is possible to play out all Victory Laps, but I have not yet played enough to know. The Victory Lap / Ultra Combo value continues to increase throughout the ball, to no known maximum.

When BfK ends, everything resets. In order to make it to BfK a second time, you will need an additional 10 Trolls, an additional 3 each of Damsel Save, Peasant Revolt, Catapult Slam, and Joust Victory, and all 6 Castles a second time.

Note for sample games: you only need a total of 20 Trolls and 6 of each requirement (besides the Castles) to light BfK a second time, which can be easier. Additionally, the Trolls are part of the first stage of BfK, so 8 shots are required before the Castle becomes the target.

Further completions of BfK are worth 50M more than the last, a very hefty sum on this game. The Victory Lap value resets after the ball.

End-of-ball Bonus
The only bonus is a switch bonus, which is added to throughout the ball. A lengthy ball can advance this bonus to over 1M; with a high bonus multiplier, the total bonus can be over 50-60 million. I do not know the maximum bonus multiplier, but it is likely the same as AFM's (250x). I have heard of players clearing 100x.

Extra Balls
Extra Balls can be lit by:

Destroying Castles (default 2)
Super Jackpot in Castle Multiball
10 and 40 Hurry-Ups
Merlin's Magic random award
Lit Extra Balls are collected at Merlin's Saucer, and remain lit between balls. Completing Royal Madness will immediately award an Extra Ball.

Default behavior is to allow 4 extra balls per ball in play, but this can be changed. MM allows a limit on the number of extra balls that a player may receive on any "ball" (in other words, only 1 EB allowed on Ball 1, one on Ball 2, and one on Ball 3).

Cows and Other Easter Eggs
Cows abound. A cow on the backglass. Hurl a cow at the Castle in the Catapult Video Mode. The peasants complain that the King has "taken our cows!" The default Grand Champion (and Multiball Madness Champ) initials are MOO!

Look for Barnyard Madness. Think of something difficult that the game is challenging you to do... complete it and you will have access to Barnyard Madness. Chickens! Horses! Pigs! Oh my!

Additionally, it is possible to change the critters being saved in Video Mode. Throw cows! Lots of cows!

Entering Initials
Besides the regular high score board (2 credits for Grand Champion, 1 credit for High Scores 1-4), Medieval Madness allows you to enter your initials for:

Master of Madness: highest total score in one Multiball Madness
Castle Crusher: most Castles destroyed
Joust Champion: most Joust Victories
Defender of Damsels: most Damsels saved
Catapult Ace: most Catapult Slams
Patron of the Peasants: most Peasant Revolts
Troll Avenger: highest Troll total in game
You also get to enter your initials for completing Battle for the Kingdom (like AFM's Ruler of the Universe). The game keeps track of how many times you've become King, and when it happened. The last four crowned Kings are displayed, numbered according to how many times BfK has been completed on the machine.

None of these awards an additional credit, but well worth shooting for.

On sample games, initials are only entered for high score, Master of Madness, and Master of Trolls (renamed Troll Avenger).

Notes on Strategy
Try to get as many of the Madnesses lit for Multiball Madness before starting it. If you are stuck with a lousy Multiball Madness, you may want to shoot for the Castle instead. Those Gate hits are worth a lot! In fact, the average value of a shot to the Castle is worth more than the average value of a shot during almost all Multiball Madnesses. On the King's Castle, the 14 shots award a total of 27 million points, much better than taking the 1M Super Jackpots.

If Multiball Madness becomes lit, be sure to avoid Merlin's Saucer until you have enough Madnesses lit that it becomes worthwhile. The ramps are the easiest to complete, although the orbit is also fairly easy.

If you've got an Extra Ball lit at Merlin's Saucer and a lousy Multiball Madness lit there as well, you've got a tough decision to make. Don't forget that you can still get VERY good points out of Multiball Madness by concentrating instead on the Castle. To get the EB, you might also try feeding the bumpers via the orbits or the Damsel ramp.

Starting Trolls! along with Multiball Madness is one of the best things you can do. It is much easier to finish Trolls! with 2 or 3 balls than with 1, and the benefits for finishing Trolls! during the multiball outweigh the benefit of starting the multiball with Troll Madness. You also don't have to worry about losing the ball while playing Trolls!.

Be sure to get as many of the bonuses out of Royal Madness as you can, since this makes getting to BfK that much easier.

Don't forget about the Castles! Since you're much less likely to complete or advance toward a Castle by luck or balls bouncing around during a multiball, you really have to concentrate on Castles often if you want to get through them all (especially the later Castles which require lots of hits). As on AFM, a good tactic is to start multiball (Castle Multiball is much easier to start) and bang at the Castle all the way through. Since you can move right along after destroying a Castle, a good multiball can net you 2 or even 3 Castles. I would recommend only playing out Castle Multiball if you're looking for an extra ball.

During Multiball Madness, both orbits feed the bumpers, as will the right ramp if lit for Super Jackpot. This is an excellent way of "parking" one or more balls so you can get a clean shot at a Double Super Jackpot. Note that if Troll Madness is running, the Left Troll blocks this shot! Get rid of the Troll right away when this happens (you may even want to use a Troll Bomb if you're desperate).

My personal best is 1.11 billion, on a game with unlimited extra balls. On a game with limited extra balls (maximum 1 per ball, 3 for the game) my best is 350 million. I would expect 200 million to be a very good competition score.

I would like to get the complete list of the game's quotes. If you know a quote which you think belongs here, email me. Also email with comments and corrections; although I have fixed a few things here, I'm sure there are many more wonderful pieces of misinformation.

Special Thanks
Thanks to Jef Lepine and Henry Rieke for providing the means by which I get the chance to play Medieval Madness.

Thanks also to Jim Hicks and Dave Edson, each of whose Medieval Madness web sites helped me to jog my memory about a few of the more obscure playfield rules and names. Visit them for Madness pictures and more information.

Thanks for comments and corrections:

fuzzy for some more game credits
Brian Cheatwood for many quotes
Robert Deloura for gameplay help and quotes galore
Koi Morris for general fixes and comments
Jeremy Edmonds for quotes and corrections with help from his own, personal Medieval Madness. (Lucky guy...)
Mark Phaedrus for some corrections
Martijn for corrections to last version of sheet
Thanks for reading all the way through (Again!). Enjoy the game! See you at PAPA 6 :)

-- Bowen Kerins
"You could not hit the broad side of a castle!"
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