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Medusa (Bally, 1981) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Medusa (Bally, 1981) VP8 v1.0

No permission to download
Bally 1981
IPD No. 1565

(From The Instruction Card)

* Dropping top Olympus targets advances top red olympus bar bonus. Feature lites and lites saucer to collect Olympus Bonus: Each red reature lite scores 1000 bonus in saucer. Advancing Olympus Bonus past flashing lite advances saucer value.

* Hitting top green stationary targets lite A & B arrows. A &B when lit doubles Olympus Bonus build-up value.

* Hitting 1-2-3 targets in sequence advances and collects lit Collossus Bonus, adds 120 'units' to extended play, and stops left extra ball number.

* Dropping 4 right targets advances and collects lit Colossus Bonus, adds 5 'units' to Extended Play, and stops right extra ball number.

* Extra Ball is awarded when both numbers are matched in stopped position.

* Extended play feature adds additional balls after last ball is played.

* 5 Shields of God's credits at start of game, credits advance each time a ball passes up thru the left or right side lanes to the Olympus target area. Remaining Shield of God's credits score 10,000 points each when bonus is collected at end of game.

* Maximum -- 1 extra ball in play.

* Tilt Penalty -- Ball In Play
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