Merry Christmas 2005 (Original) VP8

VP8 Original Table Merry Christmas 2005 (Original) VP8 2020-01-28

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Christmas Card 2005 by Bob5453

This is not a pinball table. It is an animated VP Christmas Card. There are 26 Midi Christmas songs (about an hour of Christmas music) You’ll need VPMidi installed to allow the midi files to play. VPMidi is included in the download along with instructions on how to install it. Instructions are in the VPMidi zip file

Place the 26 Midi files into your Music Folder in your Visual Pinball folder, if you don't have a music Folder than create a new folder and name it Music and place it in your Visual Pinball Folder.

There will be ball shadows under the falling snowflakes if you don’t turn off draw ball shadows under preferences under video options ofthe VP editor.

When you get the Christmas working, you can click on any of the 26 keyboard letter keys to select a Christmas song to play (like a jukebox) or you can just let them play one after another in the form of a musical screensaver.

The animations start with adding Christmas ornaments to the trees and then lights will be added to a pine tree and then start to twinkle and then it starts snowing. Rudolph’s nose lights up, the birds flitter around and the fawn’s tail wags and his foot stomps and a few other things happen as well. There is even a guest appearance by Spider-man.

Thanks to Sleepy for his helping me out with some problems or this project wouldn’t have been possible.

Merry Christmas from Bob5453
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