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There is a new version of the Merry Christmas Pinball. Before it was version 1.7, now it is version 1.9 and have few things added.

What is added well there is 2 animated toys into "Ginger Bread Cookies". That is modeled, textured and animate when the left or right slingshotrubber is hitted.
Also the users after the "Skill Shot" at start, the huddmd indicate if the player want that the ginger bread cookies " jump " or " rotate " or " jump and rotate ".
Well it add a little christmas feeling animation into the game.

The huddmd simply ask for this, and show the blinking choice. Press the left flipper to change choice ( jump/rotate/both ), after press the right flipper to put the ball in game.

The rules are simple:
Make points lolll and if you want compete against someone that you know.
When you hit the 2 red targets on the left and right side, then there is an arrow that blink pointing the ramp; after there is some hud animations.
If you hit the 2 blue targets on the left and right side, then there is again an arrow that blink pointing the ramp; after there is some hud animations.
Also if you hit the groupped 4 droptargets on the left or right side, there is an arrow pointing the hole beside the fireplace; and some hud animations.

When one of these are done, there is some bonus points that is added; when the ball goes into the drain.
The musics are christmas musics that play one after an other. There is 10 musics.
You can play it with what ever version of futurepinball you want. Meaning with bam or without bam, with physics or without physics.

As you see i'm still into FP and this game is an original creation.
Have fun!

You can find the older version table in the PinSimDB Archive here..
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