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Solid State Machines
by twentydegree
at 2012-11-30
Type Original

Here is the Merry Christmas FuturePinball. It include a list of 9 christmas musics; when the 9 musics has been played it return back to the first music.

It say also the time, month, day, year of the computer.

It show the last 4 players score points of the last game at the beginning; and show at the end the new score points for the 4 players when a game is finished.

It is an original idea of a lady that i know, that said to me: why dont you create a Merry Christmas Future Pinball? So i have put in it some 3d models toys, lights and others that ive created, designed, modeled, texture and programmed.

In this version i have replaced the Disp Seg to a HudDmd

I hope that you'll like this Future Pinball game. This game would not be possible without the help of some peoples, that taken there time to explain me fiew things about programmation and modeling.

Have fun !!
On this new version table (1.7), i have replaced the Disp Seg (version 1.6) by a HudDmd display.
Also i have notice that the snow image on the playfield is to big for some graphic cards. So i shrinked and optimized the image so it load better.

Hit the two blue targets to light the two blue lights together to make the blue triangle light on; and enter the left ramp to activate the snowman bonus points.

Hit the two red targets to light the two red lights together to make the red triangle light on; and enter the left ramp to activate the santa stuck in cheminee bonus points.

Hit the targets of the droptarget group, to make the green triangle light on; and enter the kicker beside the fireplace, to activate the train bonus points.

Each time you activate one of the bonus points and enter it again in the same ball game. The bonus points multiply and added to the score when the ball go into the drain.

Depending of what color light is on "red", "blue", yellow", "green"; that is on the right side. Some objects when hit the points value change.

When the ball is in the plunger lane on the right side. Depending of what red light is on it add some skill shot points to the score.

When the save ball on one of the side is off, light the two green lights near the flipper to put back on the save ball light.

If you put the Santa Bonus and Snowman Bonus and Train Bonus up to 5x to 9x, you have 20 millions points. But if you put all those Bonus up to 10x then you have 50 millions points.
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