Metro (Genco, 1940)

Genco EM Flipperless Recreation FP Metro (Genco, 1940) v1.0

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Metro / IPD No. 1582 / October, 1940 / 1 Player
October, 1940​
Automobiles - City Skyline - Travel​
Notable Features:
Passive bumpers (17). Hitting numbered purple bumpers 1 through 5 in sequence lights each one. When all five are lit, each subsequent hit of a purple bumper awards a free play. The purple bumper in center of playfield is always lit and scores 1000 points. Hitting any lit bumper advances lit car on backglass and advances the backglass Bonus ladder up to 15 steps. The lit car steps twelve times on the backglass to award 1000 points at the twelfth step, and each step alternates the yellow and green rollovers for 1000 points when lit. Scoring either yellow or green rollover when lit lights correspondingly colored bumpers for 1000 points which can then also advance car. The white bumper at bottom of playfield sits between two rollovers and not only advances the car when hit but alternately lights these rollovers to score the backglass Bonus value of 1000 to 15000 points depending on Bonus ladder position, then the Bonus resets. If A-B-C were already made in sequence, scoring a lit bottom rollover awards free plays instead of points.​
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