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Microsoft Pinball (Original) by pinface

SS Original Table FP Microsoft Pinball (Original) by pinface v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by pinface
at 2011-07-25
Type Original

Microsoft Pinball v1.0
This is my first table so it's not overly complicated nor does it have a lot of goals. It can be a fairly fast table and I think it's also a moderately difficult table. I chose to do a Microsoft theme for the table mostly because there is such a wealth of graphics available for Microsoft products, and of course I <3 Windows! :D

Big thanks to pinbotic over at gopinball.com for doing the multiball script for the table! :) I'm a noob so the help was very appreciated :D
Pretty simple, hit all drop targets lights extra ball, then right outside lane must be hit to get the extra ball.
Multiball is activated by hitting all four targets on the right hand side then hitting the hidden kicker. Multiball can be activated over and over again after first getting it, adding more balls to the table
I'm not aware of any issues with the table other than the odd time the ball will just "sit" on a surface and need tilting to get moving again. The plunger lane gate shouldn't be a problem with that, as I angled it and added a small angled wall to help the ball not get stuck there.
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