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Mini Cooper Motorin' (Original) VP8 by Stevan Flores

VP8 SS Original Table Mini Cooper Motorin' (Original) VP8 by Stevan Flores v1.1

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Mini Cooper Motorin' (Original) VP8 by Stevan Flores v1.1

Oh my, this is a real beaut' of a first-time table effort. It plays fast and excitingly, and the cow targets and special metallic balls are almost addictingly fun to play around with. Evidently there's also some pretty crazy bonus features, such as those mile-high flippers in the screenshot! (see release thread)

Where I think the table suffers is in having too small of an effective PF-area, with too few trajectory paths and interesting physics possibilities. The flippers are probably too long, and it's too easy to save the ball, making it pretty simple to keep a ball going almost indefinitely for the experienced player.

That said, I think this is one of those rare, excellent originals that perhaps only needs a few key tweaks and upgrades to become a VP classic. Ah well, in any case... see what you think!
--@Ike Savage
Mini-background, courtesy of WP:​
Mini (stylised as "MINI") is a British automotive marque founded in 1969, owned by German automotive company BMW since 2000, and used by them for a range of small cars. The word "Mini" has been used in car model names since 1959, and in 1969 it became a marque in its own right when the name "Mini" replaced the separate "Austin Mini" and "Morris Mini" car model names. BMW acquired the marque in 1994 when it bought Rover Group (formerly British Leyland), which owned Mini, among other brands.

The original Mini was a line of British small cars manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), which in 1966 became part of British Motor Holdings.
Fun film facts:​
In 1969, the original British Mini was featured in the gold-heist film The Italian Job starring Michael Caine and Noël Coward. In 2003, the new MINI Cooper was shown in a remake of The Italian Job. One Chili-Red MINI was a Cooper S Hatch R53, the Electric Blue MINI was a Cooper Hatch R53, and the Pepper White MINI was also a Cooper Hatch R53.
This table was inspired by Bob5453's beautiful original tables. I started with Chris La Mantia's excellent Table Skeleton v0.1. To make it more realistic, I used the bumper animations from Bob5453's awesome table "The Three Stooges."

For the "LED" score display to show correctly, you need to install the included "williamsfontwide.ttf" in the Fonts folder of your Windows installation. It SHOULD have been installed already by the Visual Pinball setup program.

My high score (so far, during testing) 1,339,150
Inner and outer lane rollovers advance Bonus
Knock down all three Accessories targets for Bonus x 2
Tip all Cow targets for 500 points + Bonus x 3
Spell MINI to light bumpers + Bonus x 4
Uturn advances Bonus x 5
Top rollover lanes advance Bonus multiplier up to 5x

Upgrades (Special Bonuses)
Hit Garage Door to open Upgrade Garage
Enter Garage within 30 seconds to advance Upgrades
Racing Stripes = 10,000
Driving Lamps = 20,000
High-performance Wheels = 30,000
Sport-tuned Suspension = 40,000

Extra Ball
Knock down MINI targets twice to light "Extra Ball" target
Jump the Piazza for Extra Ball

Replay at 500,000
Path not found errors:​
The table may give you problems such as "path not found" or "cant create hiscore" errors. If so, you are probably missing the "User" folder and its content, the "vpreg.stg" file. These are common locations where tables store their custom settings and data, such as hiscore files. Here's how to fix it:

1) Create a new folder in the same folder where VPinball.exe is located and name it "User."
2) Inside the User folder, create an empty textfile and save it as "vpreg.stg". To do this, open Notepad.exe (in your Accessories folder of All Programs. Select File/Save as... and navigate to the new User folder. Type "vpreg.stg" (including quotation marks) as the filename and click "Save". If you enclose it in quotation marks when you save it (just the way it looks here) it will be saved with the correct extension. (If you save it without quotation marks, it may be called "vpreg.stg.txt" and the ".txt" may or may not be visible.)

When you replay the table, it should now correctly save hi-scores.
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