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Mission Impossible (Original)

SS Original Table FP Mission Impossible (Original) v1.2

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by Roney Pinball , SLAMT1LT
at 2010-10-01
Type Original

A mod of Roney's Mission Impossible table.
My modifications are:
New Sounds
Improved Gameplay
Improved Graphics
Improved Physics
Added Gun Multi-Ball Launcher
New Backglass
Fixed numerous bugs
Lite MISSION IMPOSSIBLE to win the IMF Super Jackpot.

Lock 3 balls in the gun to start 4-ball Multi-Ball.

Hit the IMF target during mission mode to lite one of the IMPOSSIBLE letters.



Press O at any time during play to drop the gun ramp. Tom Cruise will say "show me the money" to confirm the cheat has worked.
** Version 1.2 **

- Fixed the IMPOSSIBLE bug. Lighting IMPOSSIBLE now wins the Super Jackpot and resets the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE lights when completed during multi-ball mode.

** Version 1.1 **

- Fixed a few gameplay bugs.
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