Mona Lisa (Original)

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Solid State Machines
Mona Lisa,
An original future pinball table,
inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" this table is a tribute to fine art and classical music.

Table rules;
Light "Mona Lisa" by hitting the targets at the center right side,
for special at the top kicker, (Special only lasts 90 seconds).
Light "Museum" (by hitting star targets under "Blue star" holograms) ,
for chance to get the bonus mulitplier to increase
at the left side kicker behind droptargets,( It will open when lit, lasts 60 seconds),
(Note, Museum sequence will reset at a proper time).
(lighting "Mona Lisa" and "Museum" at the same time gives chance for a
10,000 point bonus at the lower right kicker,( one chance per ball).
Get all six green diamond targets for a 60 second chance for a
10,000 point bonus also at the lower right kicker.
The roto-spinner offers small bonus chances during the game.

Replay scores on the table card.
(Background music includes some great midi renditions of classical music).
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