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Moulin Rouge (Williams, 1965)

Williams EM Recreation FP Moulin Rouge (Williams, 1965) v1.0

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Moulin Rouge (Williams, 1965) v1.0
IPDB No. 1634
You can access to the menu with the Special2Key.
You can toggle (by the toggle HUD key) the HUD reel.
If you use arrows for plunger (optional), you have to use arrow down and arrow up (customisable) in order to pull or push the plunger.
Lighting picture on back glass by making numbers 1 thru 10 lites two bottoms rollovers to score 1 replay & scores 1 replay at end of game.

Making eject A, B, & C in sequence increases center eject hole value from 200 to 400 points and alternaty lites center eject hole to score 1 replay.

Matching last number in point score to lited number that appears on back glass, when game is over, score 1 replay.
Date Of Manufacture:
May, 26 1965​
1,325 units (confirmed)​
Notable Features:
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Passive bumpers (6), Slingshots (2), Kick-out holes (5), Standup targets (4). Illuminated backglass marquee. Backglass light animation (scene lights up in segments as playfield objectives achieved). Drop-down cabinet.​
Design by:
Art by:
The manufacturer flyer shows on the playfield what looks like a light shield over the center kick-out holes and in the shape of a chevron. This part is not found on production games. However, in this listing is a game located in France having serial number 19267 and it does have this chevron part on its playfield. It is made of metal and carries the Williams part number 1B-3649. That part number is a valid Williams format and, although we did not find it listed in the Williams 1969 Parts Catalog, we assume that it was discontinued during production of this game thus was not made available for operators to order. Serial number 19267 is numerically low when compared to other serial numbers for this game of which we are aware so we have marked this game as Early Production. Its upper playfield light shields have different text than on later production games. There is a mini-post between the flippers but we did not seen one on the game on the manufacturer's flyer. This game has a blue stripe in the ball shooter lane extending along the top ball arch, and we are advised that adding this kind of stripe was a practice of the French operators.​

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Very nice EM table. I love the artwork on this one as well. Thank you for this.
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Super table
cependant si l on joue avec Bam les high score augmentent comme l on veut en entrant ses initiales , vous changer d initiale le score augmente
si l on joue hors Bam tout va bien
normal svp ?
Pas normal. Ouvrez le script et changez, tout au début, CheatActive = 1 par CheatActive = 0.
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