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Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball (Bally, 1982) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball (Bally, 1982) VP8 ver.bb6.1 2020-01-28

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Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball (Bally, 1982) VP8 ver.bb6.1
by Shockman, Gaston
IPD No. 1639

'Insert' key changes left apron card.
This is a simulation of a table in the dark. Monitor ajustments may be required to maximize this effect.

Scripted by Gaston/WPCmame
Shockman Graphics

Shockman - Producer
Gaston - Editor
btribble - Graphics
badCRC - Consultant
inkohnito - Menus
Phoenixx - Director


The Digital Display

The left number is the time you have to beat the maze.
The middle number is the number of mazes completed in the current game.
The right number is the number of moves earned in the current game.

The PacMaze

See dip switch menu (F6 in the game) for other options.

When more then 5 moves is earned a shot up either side lane into a saucer will activate the maze and the saucer will hold the ball until all moves are used up.

Use the left flipper button to pick a direction. 4 arrows above the maze will show the direction Pacman will move.
Use the right flipper button to make Pacman move in the direction of the lit arrow.

If Pacman is aggressive, by way of the skill shot or every forth time you drop all 3 top targets, the 2 lights beside the maze will flash and you can eat the ghost for points or take advantage to fill the maze.

If pacman is not aggressive you will have to avoid the ghost while it chases you. The ghost will move when Pacman does, but if you wait to long the ghost will move anyway. If the ghost catches you, You will start at the center again and the ghost will be at one of the four corners. When you are caught one Pacman shaped light below the maze will go off.(see Pacman Shaped Lights and Special)

When the PacMaze is filled with yellow lights return him to the center and the maze will reset . If pacman was aggressive he will still be aggressive when the maze resets.

The ghost can not move into the center of the maze.

The Skill Shot

Skill shot is the plunger shot. Drop in the middle lane of the top right circle where the flashing arrow is. This will enable the pacmaze with 10 plus collected moves and turn on pacman aggressive.

The Top Target Bank

See dip switch menu for other options.

Drop all three targets once to light the arrow below the left one, and 1 move
Drop all three targets again to light the arrow below the right one, get 20,000 points, 2 moves, and light the right inlane light which will give 2 moves when hit.
Drop all three targets again to light the light below the middle one, get 30,000 points, 3 moves, and activate the left outlane ball saver (reset when used).
Drop the bank again to reset the bank, get points, moves, and make Pacman aggressive.
The bank is reset for each ball.

The Lanes and Saucers

See dip switch menu for other options.

When you shoot a lane, and/or hit a saucer the first time the bottom arrow of both lanes will light. Each time after the arrow will move up one space, until it reaches the top or a lit arrow is above it. Fill the lanes with arrows and the next saucer will light the extra ball light. Then the next saucer hit will give an extra ball and the lights will reset. If you fill the lane arrows again with the same ball the lane lights will reset . (The extra ball light will not come on again with the same ball, only one extra ball per ball). The lanes are reset for each ball.

Hit either saucer when you have 6 or more moves and you will play the PacMaze.

The Left and Right Target Banks

Drop all 8 targets (5 moves each side) to light the P A C M A N lights. Hit the Pacman targets (2 moves each) to spell PACMAN. Spell PACMAN and the drop targets will reset, and a Pacman shaped light under the maze will light.(see Pacman Shaped Lights and Special).

The Pacman Shaped Lights and Special

See dip switch menu for other options.

The Pacman shaped lights under the maze start with the top 3 lit. If you are captured in the maze a light will go off. If you drop the left 4 and right 4 targets, and spell PACMAN, a light will go on. If you get all five lights lit, dropping the left and right target banks and spelling PACMAN again will light special, then next time you drop them and spell PACMAN you will get The Special.

At the drain of the ball, all lights in the current maze will tally.
At the end of the last ball, all the yellow lights lit in all the pacmazes completed will tally and then each lit pacman light will tally.


Shoot the lanes until you get a extra ball first.
Keep PACMAN agressive by repeatedly dropping the top bank.
Don't get caught in the maze, or you will have to do the left and right lower targets (all 14) again to recover.
There are only a couple of places in the maze where you can get the ghost directly, use wrap-around to get the ghost.
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