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Music Man (Williams, 1960) VP995

VP9 Williams EM Recreation Music Man (Williams, 1960) VP995 v1.0 2022-01-04

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Music Man / IPDB No. 1643 / August 01, 1960 / 4 Players
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Happiness - Marching Band - Music - Parades​
Notable Features:
5 balls per play. Flippers (4), Jet bumpers (4, one is disappearing), Passive bumpers (4), Slingshots (2), Kick-out holes (3), Standup targets (2), Gobble hole (1), Left and right dual outlanes. Double match awarded for 1st and 2nd player, or 3rd and 4th player (operator adjustable).

Maximum displayed point score is 1,999 points per player.

Tilt penalty: game over, per player.

This game featured "Styling of the 60's" with a new cabinet design having anodized aluminum trim and tapered tubular chromium steel legs. A shelf with cigarette holder allowed for placement of drinks and increased the length by six inches. The plywood bottom was increased from 1/4-inch to 3/4 inch in thickness. Williams used this cabinet design on several games during 1960-1961.​

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