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Nehwon Directors Cut 1 (Original) by cujopb

SS Original Table FP Nehwon Directors Cut 1 (Original) by cujopb v2.7

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by cujopb
at 2011-10-20
Type Original

Sorry for long loading Times. It should be worth the wait (it really is 2 distinct tables- nonLite versions only).

4 Different versions of the Directors cut!

Updates include:

Here is what's will be in the Director's Cut
*** Enhancements ***
- lighting added for Skill shot on 2nd PF.
- 2 more DMD screens added (for ea. mentoring wizard).
- PF 1 graphics touched up.
- several level 1 wandering monsters touched up.
- touched up the heroes animations.
- treasure graphics touched up.
- more sound samples added. Some changed.
- music for PF 1 added.
- added jackpot and super jackpots on Mouser upper PF.
- using scrolls made easier on PF 2 - via Mousers inlane.
- translite NEHWON lights in sync for jackpot
- added wandering monsters on PF 2.
- outlane death saves disabled during Multi-ball.
- added ramp miss target and sounds.
- heroes disallowed movement if in combat.
- made one monster deadly poisonous.
- based on feedback, now there is an Easy mode (lvl 1 only). Will be a key code.

*** Novice level changes ***
- shot to 'change heroes' a little easier.
- frequency of wandering monsters decreased.
- treasure shots easier, more time allowed to make.
- using scrolls made easier on PF 2 - via Mousers inlane.

*** Fixes ***
- lighting fixed for hero advancement on map.
- ball stuck issues on level 1 on top of hero switcher.
- light indicator for Sheelbas hut displays when appropiate.
- fixed DMD so it is not overwritten by score.
- synced wizard 1 to speech better.
- added color to hero selector light to indicate progress on map.
- lower plunger strength to aid in various skill shots.
- sling and bow shots animation fixed.
- nings warp cave would not always return balls on PF 2 during multiball.
- potions max out at inventory of 5.

Given Nehwons memory usage, I suggest the following settings:
First and foremost: Preferences | Editor Options| Uncheck Load image into table editor
others under Preferences | Video Rendering Options
-Vertical Sync: CHecked
-High quality textures: Checked
-Use Texture Compression (S3TC): Checked
-Texture Filtering: (at least Bilinear)
-Processor Affinity (if duo/quad core): CHecked
-Enable Non Power of 2 textures: Checked

-Model quality: HIGH
The following is mostly optional, but may save some on memory
-Uncheck the following
Anisotropic Filter
Back Board Reflection (on Glass)
Playfield Reflections (Components)

-If all of the above do not work, press preset Minimum button. Then you can try the above in addition.
Important to note that this table has 2 playfields. In order to reach the 2nd playfield you must complete 2 events and then either a skillshot or shot on the table at the appropiate time.

The two gauges at the bottom are the heroes respective Health. If either hero reaches zero- Game Over.

Monsters faced by the hero is an actual obstacle. The sooner you 'dispatch' the monster the sooner your clear view to the ball returns.

1) The uppermost shot (labeled parry), enables the use of the upper flipper buttons. The parry will block the ball from draining on the side pressed (as well as the center drain).
2) Hit the Attack lane on the left. As stated above - dispatch the monsters as soon as you can. Most monsters require at least 2 hits.
3) Once defeated, hit 1 of the drop targets below the attack lane. It is the monsters treasure (random, of course).
4) Move the hero towards Lankhmar by hitting the Advance lane (left of parry lane. Only the hero active is able to advance to Lankhmar. Hit it once to advance one hex to Lankhmar.
5) You can double your movement (for the current ball), by hitting the switch between the 'roleplaying' hero targets.
6) The middle target with Faf & Mouser allows you to switch/activate heroes.There is a 5k BONUS for switching heroes without hitting any target between shots.
7) Jackpot. Spell NEHWON. (Top lanes + 3 right hand drop targets).
8) Bonus Multiplier (Train Lane).

Skillshot: Choose a lane via the flippers BEFORE plunging the ball. Once ball is plunged, you cannot change the lane. As an Alternate, you can hold down the left flipper to attempt to hit the parry lane.
Mouser Multiball is achieved by 'locking' eyes with Ivrian (only while mouser is active).
Upper Mini Playfield:
When Fafhrd is active- Help Fafhrd escape Cold Corner by making the jump.
When Mouser is active- Knockout the Mouser's captor: Duke Jarnnarl .

Reaching the 2nd PF requires you to first have the heroes meet in Lankhmar. Then either the Ningauble (cave) skillshot OR hit Sheelbas hut (if not submerged on Right side of table.

2nd PF Rules:
Survive each of the 6 wizards and reach the final treasure(s)

1) Wizard Ramp on left. Hit this 6 times to 'defeat' the current wizard. In Normal mode, you will need the key to unlock the next wizard.
2) Long way round Tower Ramp on Right. Hit this 5 times to increase your bonus. Also used as a skill shot. Hit it 1st - after the ball is delivered. It may serve some other purposes too...
3) Buried treasure. Captive ball shot in middle. The more times you hit this, generally the better the treasure recovered.
4) Falling block on left. This varies with each wizard. For three of the wizards must 'empty' the contents of the block to get an extra reward.
5) Letter block on right. Spell upto 3 phrases for special additions in game.
6) Orbit shot (beyond letter block and around). This will trigger the appropiate scroll you may have acquired along the way.
7) Fafhrd Attack on Left.
8) Mouser Attack on Right.
9) Ningaubles Cave. Be ready- the ball reapears on PF at random.

-This is one of the random buried treasures.
-One of the wizards has three multiball modes.

Wizard mode: After defeating the final wizard, you must somehow return to Nehwon proper???

Beyond level/PF2: Additional levels were planned (5 in total), but ran out space within 1 table. Rather than waiting to release all 5 at once, I decided to release these 2. Who knows if the others will ever be completed??.....

Level 1 Music by: Kenny Loggins, Hocus Pocus soundtrack, Also Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com

Level 2 Music provided by: Angel, Ozzy, Rush, Uriah Heep.

Special thanks to faralos/ace for testing non-cab version.

There are some special key codes:

M - to pause and start music

E - Easy Mode. Includes Novice + no damage on ball drain for level 1.

D - Ball search routine (use on 2nd level only)

There may be another one, let me see where did I put that?....
Special thanks to faralos/ace for testing non-cab version.

There are some special key codes:

M - to pause and start music

E - Easy Mode. Includes Novice + no damage on ball drain for level 1.

D - Ball search routine (use on 2nd level only)

There may be another one, let me see where did I put that?....
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