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Nine Sisters (Williams, 1953)

Williams EM Recreation FP Nine Sisters (Williams, 1953) 2022-10-07

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by franzleo
at 2014-10-17
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Williams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
Tradename Williams
Date 1953-12-01
IPD No. 1679

FP Physics 1.0

In the year 1953 already exist the Ramp and Reel score.... Incredible!!

Impulse flipper (1), Pop bumpers (3), Trap holes (4), Kick-out holes (2), Kicker lanes (2).

Score reel scoring (three moving reels and four stationary "zero" reels).

A kicker lane in lower left playfield propels the ball upwards through a circular ramp (the Whirligig)

to a second kicker hidden underneath the ramp which sends ball to upper playfield.
The object is to light all nine sisters. There are nine star lights in the backblass, one for each sister.

This lit star rotates by hitting one of the four top dead bumpers. If a sister has a star, and the player

hits one of the "sister" playfield rollovers, that sister lights up in the backglass. If three sisters are

made in a horizontal row, an accompanying playfield rollover lights for a replay (there are three

"special" rollovers, one for each of the three rows of sisters). If all nine sister are lit, the lower rollover

by the flipper also lights for "super special" (3 replays). In addition, if the player puts a ball in a

traphole, one of the "NINE" letters is lit in the backglass. Getting all four trapholes (and spelling

"NINE") gives a replay, and lights the top kickout hole for a replay. Replays are also awarded based

on score.

If ball is put into the lower left playfield area behind the left kickout hole, a kicker moves the ball up

the left side of the playfield and up and around a corkscrew ramp (Williams calls it the "Whirligig").

Then the ball falls off the ramp's edge, and into another kicker. Now the ball is again kicked up the left

side of the playfield and goes back to the top of the playfield in front of the top two gold dead

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