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No permission to download
Dear friends, this game was created for FUN ONLY, and above all for FREE,
which is downloadable ONLY, in Pinball nirvana, and PimSim sites.
If you see it on other sites, know that it was against my will, and consequently it could be usedfor profit purposes,I urge you not to compromise with users or owners of incorrect sites,which require
some type of specific action to download this game.

Nintendo NES Pinball v1.5 BAM (Future Pinball)

First table to have a vertical mini-playfield, integrated on the backbox,


This table, it works only, I repeat ONLY, WITH BAM
, it is precisely with the version v1.4-290,that you can download here.......> (Support File - BAM (Better Arcade Mode))

This pinball is a recreation of a pinball-themed video game for nintendo Nes(8bit) console.

There are many videos on this game for nintendo nes, this is one of it.......>CLICK ON THE ITEM OR WINDOW "GET SUPPORT", ON YOUR RIGHT.

I spent a lot of time, energy, and patience, on this recreation, to try to recreate it more alike to original game for the old and glorious Nes,because the game is played in three parts of the pinball, Lower, Top,and here, is the novelty,about for FP, a "Miniplayfield-Vertical", positioned in the "blackglass / backbox".and this is only possible thanks to BAM.I hope a like to you.

The original rules of the game for "Nintendo Nes Console", in manual style of play, I put them in the table, instead here, I put them in writing, but with some changes, to better understand, and I added some thing, that for some strange reason, it is not mentioned in the manual.

--------------------------------HOW TO PLAY A NINTENDO NES PINBALL------------------------------

• Global

- The game takes place in three scene(A-B-C) of the pinball, Lower, Top and Miniplayfield-Vertical.

- 3 ball for game.

- An extra ball is awarded for every 50,000 points.

- Standard multiplayer playable.

- The flipper disappear at 100.000 points and reappear at 150.000.

- Red and Orange "weave", will be displayed only, with special conditions and actions.

• Rules

Target-nes: there is a counter at the top left, which starts with 100 points, and rises by 100 each time you hit the target, up to a maximum of 1000 points. Whenever the target is hit, the lights flash and you get the amount of points displayed by the counter.
the counter is reset when the ball enters the lane (6).
2) The lane at the top left (6), if you turn off all the lights, the seals start to dance, (bouncing the balls on the nose), + 100 points to each bounce, so,if you active the seals,you get a total of 2.800 points. this resets the target-nes counter (see above).
3) If the ball passes through the lane (1). there is a bonus of 500 points. and activate the slot machine (2) which starts to rotate.
4) If the ball hits the target (3). the slot window (2) below it will stop rotating.
• 3 3 3 combination g you 3.330 pt. bonus and the post block it appears(4) is increased for 15 seconds. The block is lowered when the ball passes through the lane (1).
• The 7 7 7 combination offers a value of 7.770 pt. bonus and the post block it appears(4) is increased for 25 seconds. The block is lowered when the ball passes through the lane (1)
• The combination "penguin",(that runs on itself) raises the post block (4), for unlimited time, and all points earned while raised are doubled. The block is lowered when the ball passes through the green lane (1). Low ball, or reached 100,000-150000 points.
• There is a 1000 pt. bonuses for every hit "penguin".
• Red "weave", are activated to the success of the three slot-machine combinations, and return blue, for any other conditions and actions that can occurred.
5) The post block (4) disappears when the score reaches 100.000 or 150.000 points.
6) If the ball hits target 1 (5). the target hit by the ball disappears and 100 points are awarded, if all four targets are hit, 1000 points. are won. bonus.
7) Switch off a light in the lane (6) 100 points for each light turned off, 2000 pt. bonus if you turn them all off.
8) If the ball falls into the hole kicker (7) on a rebound, it is ejected. A ball that has fallen into scene C will be kicked out of hole kicker (7).
9) At various points along the walls, there are kickers that hit the ball strongly. If the ball hits these, you have 10 points.
10) If the ball hits the bumper (B) you get 100 points. (Scenes A, B and C)

Hit the ball with the plunger (9).
2) Five cards (10) are lined up in a row on the lower-playfield.
• These are originally placed face down (green). When the ball passes through the card lane (11), the cards are turned face up, revealing their sign. Each face up card is worth 500 points.
• If 5 signs are turned face up in a row, there is a bonus of 5000 points, and the post block (12) appears.
• Orange "weave", activate by turning all the cards, and return blue, for any other conditions and actions that can occurred.
3) The ball falls into the hole (kicker) (13), and you enter the vertical mini-playfield, on scene C (Mario's screen, you see the nes-instructions in the images section ).
4) There are 3 eggs (14) on the lower-playfield.
• The ball passes over one of these, the egg breaks. A chick (15) comes out and starts flapping its wings. If the ball passes again. the chick disappears. Go again and again becomes an egg.
• Once, all 3 eggs have become chicks, caps appear, (save-ball in out line) will disappear if hit by the ball.
5) If the ball hits target 2 (16), the target hit by the ball disappears and you get a bonus of 100 points. If all the targets (1-7) disappear, you get a bonus of 1000 points, and the exit (17) is open and, if the ball comes out, ends up in the plunger line, to play again in the top-layfield.
6) If the ball passes through the side lane (18), the exit (17) closes and all the targets (16) appear.
7) If 3 balls are lost, GAME OVER is displayed.

When a ball falls into the hole (kicker) (13) on scene B, it will exit the hole (19) on scene C. The hole then disappears,
2) Move Mario (20) left and right to rebound the falling ball.
3) A lady will appear walking at the top of the screen.
• Each time the ball passes over a bingo light (22), the color of the light changes and 10 points are awarded. When all the lights in a column (all the lights of the same number) are the same color, the floor section it gets smaller(23), if all the lights become the same color,in succession for three times, the floor section will break, and the lady will fall.
4) Position Mario so that he can capture the lady .
• If the lady is not caught, you can't moved any more mario,and you automatically exit the mini-playfield-vertical.
• If you capture the lady , must bring it safely to the outputs (24), there is a bonus of 10.000 points,and start all over again.
• If you lose a ball, while the lady is on up mario,you lost the opportunity to won the bonus,and you can't moved any more mario,and you automatically exit the mini-playfield-vertical.
5) If the ball falls along the sides, it leaves the kicker hole (7) on (scene A).

Good luck.

----------------------------INFORMATION AND SUGGESTIONS------------------------------------------

, as I said in the description, this table works only with BAM,(remember it) this for the "Miniplayfield-Vertical" , but not only, but also for other things,one of these is the "Custom-Camera".

As soon as you open the table, have the option to choose with which type of camera, to play,traditional camera FP provide, or the custom-camera,that Bam allows to use.You can choose,with flipper left "Deny" set FP camera, flipper right "Allow" custom-camera,designed specifically for this type of table, with three different game positions.

Ok,said this, I give you some suggestions about the game:

Choose the option "Allow", to get the best view of the game, for those with a desktop, for those who have a cabinet, well, choose the option "Deny".
2) When you have to catch the lady, mario can not stay below waiting for her, but you'll have to capture her by moving "Mario",left or right,depending on where the lady falls and above all you'll have a few seconds to capture her,you must be fast.
3) When you have caught the lady, you must be very good,at not to lose the ball, until the exit arrows appear in "greens".
4) Enable the tick on "Render The Game Room" in FP_video/rendering options.
5) Press the key "B" for Ball Trails on-off..
6) Press the key "M" for Music on-off.
7) Press the key "H" for Hud on-off.
8) Press the key "G" for choise you Game room that you alike,by FP,Bam,or black background,but for this option it is necessary to carry out that of point 4.
9) Possibility of insertion, of a new player, but on a condition, that the insertion is made,in the first ball, of the player in play.

Features available in BAM

0) MINI-PLAYFIELD VERTICAL: for the first time ever, on a FP table
, it is possible to play a MiniPlayfied-Vertical, positioned on the "blackglass / backbox", a truly innovative new game mode.
1) NEW GAME ROOM: but in FP_video/rendering options,enable the tick on "Render The Game Room",as mentioned before.
2) NEW RENDERER ACTIVE: improves visualization. lights, textures, and more.
3) BALL TRAILS: an effect, similar to a tail, that the ball has (you can change the color in script line 4177).
4) CUSTOM BALL: you can see,a ball with different textures from the standard one.
5) CUSTOM BOUNCY WALL : in the table there are different walls or guides, with differences in speed rebound.
6) CUSTOM CAMERA: the camera focuses the part of the pinball you are playing.
7) DYNAMIC FLIPPER: for better play, the ball now has a better direction when it hits .
8) BALL ROLLING SOUND: thanks to Smoke, it is now possible to hear the sound of the ball rolling on the playing field.

It is not permitted to modify or recreate with other programs without the author's permission.

I hope everything is clear.

Have fan.
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Thumbs Up Wild, you are a great FP Creator.
I am 52 Years old and 8 bit was my time. :) (C64)
I like the old graphics and sprites from the past.
Also the sound is great.
It is incredible, that we can play a game on the Backbox.

I notice one thing, the ball is on the plunger lane and on the second half of the table is a bit jerky.

Everybody over 40 should try this table. :) And all other und er 40 also. :)

Grazie mille Wild
Thanks.Jens....Yes, the NES, I also haved it in my hands,and playering for many time, then,for economic reason, I had to put it on sale, with several cartridges,ugly moment. I didn't have this game of pinball, but it was very pleasant to recreate it for FP, so as to remember the NES

the fact that the ball you noticed that the ball slows down a bit, or go jerky, I have to check it, but if it happens often it could be normal, for us who have a low pc.

here are the possible causes

1)New Renderer activate: this function that improves the display of the table (for lights-textures, and more) takes some resources from the PC, and causes slowdowns, in PCs like ours

2)in the script, there is a function that regulates the speed of the ball, both when it is pulled by the fins or the piston, and especially by the bounc walls, I remember very well, when this function was not yet devised by Rav, the ball between the walls was bouncing at the speed of light, so much so that afterwards it disappeared from the table, something never seen before, the ball It seemed disintegrated.
if I remember correctly, I put a video on Gopinball thread of NES, that I showed this fact.

however I will do a check,thanks again Jens for the stars,they are fantastic to see.
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