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Solid State Machines
by GeorgeH, jipar, kaiser47, Miownkhan
at 2016-04-13
Type Original

Custom Physics

Jipar built a really great table. I really like version 1.1 of Oblivion but it was created several years ago and was never upgraded to the new physics. So, I created Custom Physics for it. I hope everyone enjoys the Custom Physics of this table as much as I have enjoyed this table.

To implement the Custom Physics, I had to change the strength settings on the plunger, auto plungers, flippers, bumpers and numerous kickers. It was necessary to change some of the wire guides because the ball had a bit more energy with the new physics and it would occasionally jump over the old wire guides.

Also, I decreased the volume of one of the sounds that is triggered when the ball drains.

The only other change I made is that I changed the angle of the flippers, especially the ones on the elevated tables so it is easier to hit the targets.

Miownkhan created a custom ball for this table and is included in the download. Also included in the download is the original wheel art by Jipar but also wheel art by Kaiser47. Please see instructions in the read me file.

This table is a mod of :
Oblivion 1.1
1.MULTI-BALL: yellow way

1.Take the ramp to the sky tower (bike-saver is now ready LeftOutLane)
2.Lock 3 balls in the yellow hole, and the 4th gives MULTIBALL.
3.the ball automaticaly comes in play .

2.DRONE 166 : blue way

1.repair 3 times drone 166 (hole 1 in front)
2.find the stasis pod (survivor)
3.the door of TET lane is opened: go to TET and meet SALLY.

3.XB & JACKPOT TET : red way

1.hit the 3 TET targets to take the red lane
2.go to TET (floors on the left)
3.hit all the SALLY targets to win XB (+ 200.000)
4.try a second time to win JACKPOT 1.000.000

4.SCAVS targets : purple lights

1.shoot targets S1,S2,S3,S4 : 4x to light XB (+ 100.000 inlane)
5x to light SPECIAL (+ 200.000 outlane)
2.SCAVS BONUS (100.000) is available after 5x in BEECH hole (Morgan F.)

5.TECH 49: green way

1.Jack Harper has to take his ship (green lane on the right) or take the ramp to SKY TOWER
2.He has to work on the right floor and hit the targets (drone to repair with tools)
3.after that hit targets in the green lane (1 after 1) to light XB (+ 100.000)

6.SUPERJACK 3.000.000 : pink way

-if TET JACKPOT (red) is lit,and
-if XB is lit (orange),and
-if MULTI-BALL mode is lit (yellow),

then SUPERJACKPOT 3.000.000 (pink) is available in the hole (pink lights).
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Great mod of orifinal table. both play really well. I like the ball mod as well.
It has been quite a few years since I have even thought about this table. Thanks.
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