Omni (Williams, 1980) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Bowler Flipperless Recreation Omni (Williams, 1980) VP8 v1.0

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Omni (Williams, 1980) VP8 v1.0
by TAB, Destruk

There are three steps to launching a puck down the alley -
1- X Placement
2 - Direction Indicator
3 - Release/Throw

Plunger Key cycles, Left/Right flipper keys move left and right.

KeyUpperLeft ( "A" by default) selects game type.

Too easy compared to the real thing.
The backboard lights may not be accurately placed.

This game has multiple methods of play. Press the button on the front of the cabinet at the start of the game to select type of scoring desired.

* REGULATION - Scoring is identical to official bowling.

* SINGLE SHOT - One shot per frame for 10 frames. Each frame has special score per strike as shown below. If no strike is made, number of pins made are scored.
1 100 4 200 7 300
2 300 5 400 8 600
3 500 6 600 9 & 10 800

* 800 - Scores 80 for a strike, and 40 for a spare. If a strike stops the flashing lights in the red, player shoots again with scoring as indicated on board glass advances from 300/100 to 800/500 for each normal frame striking the red. There is no "third ball" in the tenth frame.

* STRIKE-90 - This game scores 90 for a strike, 60 for a spare. The player continues to shoot as long as he achieves strikes.

* FLASH SCORING - Strike and spare scores are indicated by flashing lights. The lights stop flashing when pins are hit on the first shot.
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