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Over the Edge (Original) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Original Table Over the Edge (Original) VP8 v1.1p

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by Freezezzy

In this game, players launch balls up to the scoring area, where there are a number of lights that display point values. When the ball rolls over a light, it is lit, and points are added to the bonus. If the ball rolls out of either the left or right side, and down the chute, the bonus is added to the player's score. Be careful not to throw the ball too hard, or risk going over the edge and losing all of the bonus.

New to v1.1:
- Corrected an oversight on my part which allowed the start game key to be active even after the game was started.
- Added slingshots to the sides of the scoring area. These can be toggled using the S key before choosing the number of players for a new game.
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