Pachinko Birds (Nishijin, 197x) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Pachinko Birds (Nishijin, 197x) VP9 v2011b

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Pachinko Birds (Nishijin, 197x) v2011b

I own the real version of this game and I must say this VP version almost feels like the real machine.
  • Press 1 to start game. Each game consists of 100 balls.
  • Push and hold the [enter] key to start plunger
  • Release [enter] key to release plunger.
  • You can also use the [Space Bar] to launch balls
This game is sort of like a slot machine, meaning you try to win more balls than you play compared to winning more coins than you play in a slot machine.

On a real pachinko game you can just keep buying balls and feeding them to the game until the Pachinko parlour closes.

[Read the Pachinko history that I have popping up on the left side as you play the game]
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Latest updates

  1. A fine pachinko conversion, updated to VP9

    (like the title said!)
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