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Pachislot (Original) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Original Table Pachislot (Original) VP8 vWIP1 2020-01-28

No permission to download
By Simeon Bradshaw

'Just to give you some Idea of what's going on...

'You have 100 balls, game is over when you get to 0 balls left
'You win when you score 3000 or 6 trays full (actually you can keep playing, it's a WIP OK?)

'Return fires balls, left shift controls strength of shot.
'When a ball passes the orange gates (midway) you get a luck point.
'When a ball hits the left and right cups you get a few more balls and a 1 in 4
'chance of different coloured balls (They don't do anything different... yet)
'When you hit the centre cup, the reels are spun. The spins will stack if you hit it more than once.
'If all three reels match you get a "fever" (the bottom holes are activated and you can score loads of balls)
'If two reels match AND you have more than 10 luck points the other reel is respun
'thats's it!

'This demo owes everything to "Pachinko Sexy Reaction" for mame.
' It also uses the light sequencer demo - straight out of Blacks demo, so respect to Black.
'It needs music and sounds and some fancy graphics.
'It's very likely that I won't ever update it, just because I don't have time.
'If you want to use any part of this - help yourself. I wouldn't mind seeing what you come up with.
'You can mail me at simeon.bradshaw [at] tiscali.co.uk
'Cheers - @simeon
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