Party Zone (Bally, 1991) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Party Zone (Bally, 1991) VP8 v1.91 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by Cutter (mods by moggie/HensTeeth)
IPD No. 1764

Credits To Mr Hide for his libray of hi-rez images

Revision History:
Mods made to this table are as follows.

Added new rails at the request of serval people to correct the perpestive look of the cabinet
(thanks kristian for your suggestions (well noted)
Tweaked the BackDecal added the missing lights to the comic + dj corrected (layer faults)
Things corrected (Thanks To HensTeeth Flipper size and Dj Eject
due to other varibles on table that seem depandent on these factors i have left them alone (i feel that alot of alterations would be needed ) Roll On A New Table.

replaced all images except for the dancin' dummy & the DJ.
adjusted one of the plastic to also flash
Electronic Comic adjusted his mouth
replaced Background picture (p.s. I have a Dr Dude Background made aswell if anyone needs it )
One standard mechanical plunger.
Two standard flippers (Black flipper, yellow rubber)
Two standard slingshots.
Light End Zone target.
Score End Zone Bonus (when lit).
Eat, Drink, B.Merry
five green plastic targets, facing right. Complete to light Eat.
Awards and advances Ozone Bonus. Also used to score Big Bang, Jackpots, Extra Ball, and Eat.
Advances Bonus X. Lights Dance Contest when completed.
Left lane (Back-2-Bop)
Awards Back-2-Bop value, and starts Dance Contest when lit. Increases Rocket Fuel during Multiball.
Three bumpers. Score 100K each during Dance Contest.
Dancin' Dummy
Dances during Dance Contest.
Captain B. Zarre (DJ)
Spins around and watches ball, also talks.
DJ Eject
Hole below Captain B. Zarre. Used to Make Request, score Party Saver and B. Merry.
Request Time
Two targets, to the left and right of DJ Eject. Hit both targets to light Request Time.
Comic eject
Awards Comic when lit, scores Drink when lit, increases Rocket Fuel during Multiball.
Talks during Comic award. Lit by hitting HA-HA-HA targets.
below Comic eject. Complete to light Comic.
Cosmic Cottage
the right lane, which locks a ball towards Multiball.
Way Out of Control targets
Four standup targets; lights W-O-O-C lane.
Way Out of Control lane
awards incremental millions when unlit, W-O-O-C award when lit.
Skill Shot (Door Prize)
The Skill Shot is hitting the "?" roll-over (directly to the right of the B-O-P lanes) from the plunger. It awards incremental millions. There is no maximum, although the display will corrupt at 10M and above.

If you make the Skill Shot, the ball-saver will be inactive.

Request Time
This shot is lit at the start of the game, although later times you must hit the two targets on either side of the DJ Eject to light Request Time. Hit DJ Eject to score 250K, plus a choice of music (Chicken Feet, Pinball Wizard, De-funkt, Safe Sax). Unfortunately, there is no award for choosing all four songs.

Occasionally, the DJ will play one of his faves (Feelings or Come Fly with Me), and the music will change. You have a limited time to shoot the DJ to "make a request", awarding the Party Saver bonus. (Initially 5M, increment 5M, no maximum).

End Zone Bonus
Incremented by 100K for each hit of the lit End Zone target, which becomes lit when the ball passes through either inlane. Awarded when an outlane drain occurs.

Bonus Booster / Dance Contest
Complete B-O-P to advance the Bonus Booster, as well as to light the Dance Contest. Completing B-O-P after the Bonus Booster has maxed at 8X awards the Bop Bonus (Initially 100K, increment 100K).

Shooting an unlit Back-2-Bop will award the Back-2-Bop award, which begins at 50K, increments with 50K, with no maximum. It is held over from ball to ball.

If the Dance Contest is lit, shooting Back-2-Bop will also begin the Dance Contest. This is a round where every Bopper scores 100K, and the Dancin' Dummy frantically dances. It lasts until the Boppers have not been hit for about eight seconds.

Eat, Drink & B. Merry
Hitting the five standup targets lights Eat on the ramp for 1M. Collect Eat to light Drink at the Comic eject for 2M. Collect Drink to light B. Merry at DJ Eject for 3M. Drink and B. Merry are on an adjustable timer.

W-O-O-C Targets
Hitting the four standup targets lights the W-O-O-C payoff lane for one of these four awards, in order:

5 Million
Boppers 1 Million per bop (lasts until end of ball)
10X Playfield values (last for an adjustable time, usually ten seconds)
Special (may award either a credit, extra ball, or 50M depending on game settings).
Awards stay lit until collected, although Special will be exchanged for one of the other awards if not collected on the current ball.

On standard difficulty, if you have been through all 4 awards, or collected Big Bang a time limit of 10 seconds is allowed to collect each award.

W-O-O-C payoff Lane
If no awards are lit, this will award incremental millions. (initially 1M, increment 1M, maximum 10M)

Rocket Ramp
Awards incremental Ozone Bonus. (initially 100K, increment 100K, maximum 2M)

Awards an Extra Ball after a certain amount of ramps (adjustable). Subsequent Extra Balls can be collected after an incremental number of ramps.

The Supersonic Robotic Comic
The Comic is lit at the start of the first ball. To light the Comic, hit the HA-HA-HA targets.

An unlit Comic gives a small amount of points and instructs you that "HA-HA-HA lights Comic".

A lit Comic gives you either: Bonus Booster, Laff Attack, or Surprise.

The Laff Attack is a frenzy mode during which all targets are worth 100K. It lasts for an adjustable amount of time The only other points that can be collected during Laff Attack are Eat, Drink, B.Merry, and the Ozone Bonus.

Hitting a lit Comic when Drink is lit scores a Comic Score of between 100K - 900K, awards Drink, and makes the Comic unlit.

Multiball (Happy Hour)
Multiball can be either started by locking three balls, or as Surprise from the Comic. Each lock scores 250K.

1st Multiball Shoot 3 balls into the Cosmic Cottage.
2nd Multiball Make Request, then shoot 3 balls into Cottage.
3rd Multiball Make Request before each ball is shot into Cottage.

If it is necessary to Make a Request, Da Big Bouncer will appear when you shoot the Cottage, advising you to "get a pass from the Captain".

Multiball is 2 ball, and the aim is to shoot the ramp for jackpots, and subsequently for the Big Bang (super jackpot). Shooting the ramp awards the current jackpot, which is a value from 1-7 million, based on the current Rocket Fuel value (seen by lights on playfield). Shoot either the Comic or Back-2-Bop to increase your rocket fuel by 1M each shot. Multiball begins with an adjustable Fuel level, usually about 5M.

When sufficient fuel has been collected, the Big Bang will be lit at the ramp and will award 10M for the first ramp shot, and the Big Bang value for the second ramp shot. The Big Bang ranges from between 20M and 99,999,999. On collecting the Big Bang award the game goes into a frenzy mode with all targets worth 250K; this lasts until a ball drains.

If the Big Bang is not collected before draining a ball, the remaining rocket fuel score can be collected by shooting the ramp. This score counts down 1M at a time whilst the game screams "Head For The Rocket" at you. (See Tricks section for a way to stop the timer). After draining one of the balls, 2X Playfield is lit for the duration of the remaining ball.

Tournament Mode
During Tournament Mode, the Comic no longer awards randomly, but instead in the following order: 100K, Laff Attack, Advance Bonus X, Surprise (Multiball), 200K, Laff Attack, Advance Bonus X, 300K, 400K, Laff Attack, Advance Bonus X, 500K, 600K . .

Other features are that the Extra Ball is always lit at nine ramps, the Rocket Fuel starts at 1M, and the Big Bang has a constant value of 20M.

Go for the Comic if it's lit, as many points can be made during Multiball, and also afterwards, utilising the 2X playfield values mode. Multiball seems on average to be awarded once every three Comics.

During Multiball, either shoot for the ramp or the Comic, as any ball shot to the Comic will stay there for a few handy seconds, and increase your Rocket Fuel level whilst giving you the chance to shoot for jackpots with the right flipper.

The W-O-O-C payoff lane can be very lucrative, especially during 2X playfield values. If you can get 10X playfield values . . see below.

If Drink and the Comic are both lit, I generally try to let Drink time out to collect the Comic award (unless I have 2X playfield values and replay is imminent). If you have at least 6X bonus, the Comic will no longer award bonus X, giving you more chance for Surprise.
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