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This was a unique project in which 13 members of the original VPF site ( passed a project between themselves until this final table was eventually produced. Amazingly, it turned out to be a fairly good game(!), a bit reminiscent of Williams' Black Knight, perhaps.

There's also a fun morphing animation included which shows how the table changed from one stage to the next. Pretty cool how it all came together from just a little bit of nothing. --@Ike Savage

Note: The project is also archived at Roland's site.


Multiball - This is actually kinda tricky. Shoot the ball up the right ramp to the small upper playfield with the tiny flippers into the hole at the top. You must make this shot 3 times. The third time, the ball returns to the plunger and multiball starts!

3 target bank - Hit all three targets to light the next target bank light. Everytime you get more points. If you manage to light all of them, you get 100000 points!

6 target bank - Hit all six targets to light the next 'Pass it on' light. With every light you get more points (big points!). If all are lit, you receive 200000 points!
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