Pennant Fever (Williams, 1984) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Flipperless Pitch and Bat Recreation Pennant Fever (Williams, 1984) VP8 v1.1 2020-01-28

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Pennant Fever (Williams, 1984) VP8 v1.1
by TAB, Destruk
IPD No. 3335
ROM: get "pfevr_p3" here or at the IPDB.

Note from Xenonph:
There is another v1.1 of this table available on this site, which has a bigger file size.
Find here..

Notes: I'm not quite sure what's up with the ROM error messages, but the game plays fine after a reset (F3 key) or two. I also switched over to the IPDB ROM and got full sound (crowd noise, etc), so you might want to start with their version instead of the first one listed. --@Ike Savage

In a two-player game
Left Flipper=Fast Pitch
KeyUpperLeft=Curve Ball
S=Slow Ball
In 1-Player Game, any of those throws a cpu-controlled pitch
Right Flipper=Swing Bat
Press KeyJoyUp to toggle Power Display
Press KeyJoyLeft to decrease power in display mode
Press KeyJoyRight to increase power in display mode
A player achieves a home run when his ball lands on the upper deck.
When the arrow is lit, home runs earn a double score.
One pennant is awarded with grand-slam home runs when the pennant light is lit.
Consecutive home runs increase the home-run multiplier.
The second player selects the pitch (slow, fast, or curve).
In one-player games, the PENNANT FEVER computer selects the pitch (any pitch-button may be used).
Players earn an extra inning after 20 runs (Adjustable).
After ten pennants, a replay is awarded (Adjustable).
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