Penthouse Pinball (Original)

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Solid State Machines
Penthouse Pinball by Popotte, rob046, & TAltmeyer
Original based on IPDB #1125, released 2008-10-28​
Men's magazine Penthouse commissioned the company Pinball-Dreams to produce a real-life Penthouse-themed pinball machine. The specifications: it should be a solid-state machine in the retro-design of the 70s. Everything that defines "Penthouse" should be found on the machine: lifestyle, luxury, cars, and of course hot Penthouse Pets. A little story about Penthouse should be told on the pinball field.

Area of responsibilities:​
- Selection of a suitable model as a basis
- Design of the cabinet (housing)
- Design of the back glass (motif in the top pane)
- Design of the playing area and the plastic
- Production of the spray templates, the play area, baking glass and plastics
- Complete renovation / rebuilding of the pinball machine
- Basic rules can be accessed while playing, and more in-depth rules are included in the zip file.
- Press "H" key to access the info below during the game.
- Press "R" key to toggle rules.
- Press "Special 2" key to toggle dip switch option menus.
- Press "Toggle Hud" key to toggle HUD display. DUH!... And DUH is actually HUD spelled backwards!
- Press "Special 1" key to toggle Scrolling/Non-Scrolling view.
- Press letter "O" key to toggle large overlay versions of the lit backglass texts.
- There are 4 sound modes for this table. It definitely took some work from us to get these sound modes implemented, so try them out!
- Chimes: This mode plays entirely electronic "chime" sounds. Has a more EM-type sound.
- Noises: This mode incorporates "noises" or more synth-like sounds for the more standard scores only (i.e. bumpers, slingshots, ect.). The rest of the sounds are "chimes."
- Noises no Background: This mode incorporates "noises" or more synth-like sounds for the more specialized scores only (i.e. kicker special scores, dunk target value scores, etc). Rest of the sounds are "chimes". This mode is the game default mode.
- Noises and Background: This mode basically combines both "noises" and "Noises no Background". This mode is the complete opposite of "chimes" in that it is entirely made up of the "noises" or synth sounds. Has a more solid state sound.
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