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Pin Hockey (Original) VP8 by Ken Miller

VP8 Original Table Pin Hockey (Original) VP8 by Ken Miller (project table)

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Pin Hockey (Original) VP8 (project table)
by Ken Miller

For some reason the author didn't use any imagery, but you can add in the attachments to help dress up the game. Note this can be played in VP8 (and maybe later VP versions), except that the keys default to the standard 'shift & nudge' set.

The biggest problem, however, is that the gameplay simply isn't very good. For one thing, there's too much 'dead puck time' at the moment. Either more flippers need to be added, or maybe some kind of randomiser could be used to alter the puck's velocity (and direction?) when it's detected to be dawdling in the same direction for too long. That shouldn't be too hard by sampling velocity with help from a timer.

I think it would also make more sense if the goalie was represented by a movable wall rather than flippers, controlled by the same keys. That would make for an interesting little challenge in coordinating offense and defense, as seen in an arcade classic like Hat Trick and it's 4-player sequel.

So at the moment, I'd call this an interesting little template to improve upon, but if you're not interested in fiddling around, I'd recommend one of these, instead: --@Ike Savage

- PinAirHockey for VP8
- Tabletop Hockey (Munro, 1932-'33) for VP8
- Table Hockey for FP
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