Pinball Emporium - RELEASE 12 - UPDATE

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There is a cumulative and patch update available at the link.

Update Video: (Pinball Emporium - Release 12 - First Time Install, Update & Display Setup)
Release 12 - Update
  • ADDED - Updated PinUp Player to 1.4.6
  • ADDED - Shortcut Creation for DofLinx
  • ADDED - directb2s backglass added for FX3 with DofLinx
  • ADDED - DirectOutput R3++ & DofLinx v7.33
  • ADDED - RetroFE Backend updated to 0.10.21
  • ADDED - POV Files for Visual Pinball X Tables (POV files from Rajo Joey)
  • ADDED - Last Played Menu Image
  • ADDED - Updated Future Pinball BAM Installer to v.1.5-337
  • ADDED - Updated Freezy to 1.9.0
  • ADDED - Future Pinball now used DMDext(Freezy) instead of FutureDMD for a third screen DMD
  • FIXED - When Playfield is not Screen 1 in a 3-Screen setup.
  • FIXED - Small bug with 2 screen setup in Display Setup.
  • FIXED - The Shadow Pup-Pack for 2 screen setup.
Release 11 - Update
  • ADDED - The ability to play Future Pinball PinEvent tables by TerryRed.
  • ADDED - Preliminary Setup & Media for Zaccaria Pinball.
  • ADDED - Jump table list by first letter in Menu, 'M' & 'N' Keys
  • ADDED - Table count now appears in the info bar.
  • ADDED - Table filename now appears briefly in the info bar.
  • FIXED - Tables are now sorted better alphabetically together rather then per-software.
  • ADDED - Now Loading to the Second Screen.
  • ADDED - Update NVRAM for Bally & Gottlieb tables
  • ADDED - Additional hand-holding for the display setup.
  • FIXED - LCD DMD Stretch issue moving between menus.
  • FIXED - The Uncensored bat file.
  • ADDED - RetroFE Backend updated to 0.10.20.
  • ADDED - Loading Screen on Second & Third monitor during launch splash.
  • FIXED - Table Credit Info in Cabinet View.
  • FIXED - Pinball FX2 DMD Values for 3 Screen Setup.
  • FIXED - Missing Avatar PuPPack - Run 'Display Setup.bat' after update.
  • ADDED - Gottlieb Collection.
  • ADDED - Updated Collection Menu.

Virtual Pinball Club - Discord Support Server
Pinball Emporium FULL - Download(arcadepunks)
Pinball Emporium UPDATE - Download(mega)
Pinball Emporium UPDATE - Download(mirror)
Install & Display Setup Video
Install Update Video
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