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Pinball Soccer 2005 (Original) VP8

VP8 Original Table Pinball Soccer 2005 (Original) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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The new version of Soccer 2004.
By Patrick
Stopsound instructions added.
Updated with the 2004/2005 french and italian teams.

Allows you to play a championship. the interrest is to use the real average ranking system of the real championship (french ligue 1). For example, if you finish 4th, it is because you have more points than the real 4th and less than the real 3th. See how it is difficult to be in the first and the impact of a lost party in the ranking.
Play world, french and italian season. Multilingual table.

See also Paris 2004: no championship but a table for two players.
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