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PINBOT (Williams, 1986)

Williams SS Recreation FP PINBOT (Williams, 1986) v2.1

No permission to download
by moogster66, Pinbotic, polygame, Schnuffelduffel, Sepeteus
at 2011-09-22
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Williams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
Tradename Williams
Date 1986
IPD No. 1796

UPDATED version 2.1
Remake of the classic PINBOT by Williams for FP.

changes in 2.1:

- added real pinbot speech
- new pinbot intro music
- new looped background music
The Crew

Layout and Toys


Playfield. Technical Supervision

Media processing

Extra GFX and deep moral support
Shvmr, UncleWilly, Pinbalt

Pinbot Speech and Music tweaks

WILLIAMS PINBOT RULESHEET by Mike Sweetser Sept 6, 2010



VORTEX (upper right)

At the start of the ball, you can shoot a skill shot into the Vortex. The three holes, from top to bottom, score 20K, 100K and 5K, respectively. A shot from the shooter lane that is too soft will either end up in the Energy Bumpers below the Vortex, or will simply roll onto the playfield.

The Vortex multiplier starts at 1X and can increase up to 10X. The Vortex multiplier in increased any time the ball ends up in the shooter lane during the game, which can happen by:

* Shooting the ball up the ramp and having it land in the shooter lane

* Locking a ball in the open VISOR before multiball

VISOR (top)

The VISOR is the location of the top ball locks to start multiball. To open the VISOR, fill the Chest Panel on the playfield by hitting the targets on the front of the VISOR, and to the right of the VISOR. Before any lights are filled, the VISOR's lights will cycle through its columns and rows; hitting the lit column or row will immediately fill the light matrix and open the VISOR.

On the first time through, each hit on one of the Chest Matrix targets will light up two lights; subsequent attempts will fill just one each.

Once the VISOR is open, locking a ball in each of its two "eyes" will start multiball.

After the VISOR is opened, filling the matrix a second time will light an extra ball in the lanes.

Each time the VISOR is filled, you score 50K.

EJECT HOLE (upper left, between ramp and VISOR)

Shooting the ball into this lock when unlocked will score 2K. A ball entering the right inlane will light this target lock for 25K, 50K, 75K, and then light an extra ball in the lanes.

RAMP (upper left)

During normal play, shooting the ball up this ramp will increase the bonus multipler (up to 5X) and send the ball into the Bride, and add 50K to the Solar Value for multiball, up to a maximum of 5M.

When the drop targets are lit, the ramp will also raise up to allow a shot into its hidden target. Doing so will collect the Energy Value. The ramp resets after 15 seconds.


Hitting all three of these targets will collect 25K and advance one planet.

The lights in front of the target cycle through each target; hitting the lit target will lift the ramp for a shot at collecting the Energy Value.

By default, the targets reset after 15 seconds.


The two outlanes, obviously, drain the ball.

The left inlane will light the Advance Planet target, while the right inlane will light the Upper Lock.

When an extra ball is lit, it can be collected through one of the lit lanes. The lights can be cycled with the flippers.

ADVANCE PLANET (lower right)

Hitting this target when lit will advance one planet.

ENERGY BUMPERS (right, under the Bride)

The three bumpers in here will advance the Energy Value, which can be collected under the ramp.

"BRIDE" (mini playfield)

When a ball is shot up the ramp, it ends up on the mini playfield, emblazoned with the Bride. This mini playfield has no targets, just bumpers. From here, the ball can land in multiple places:

* It can fall off the left side and back onto the playfield.

* It can fall through the hole in the Bride's chest, and end up in the Energy Bumpers.

* It can go down on the bottom left into the right inlane (and light the Eject Hole in the process)

* It can go down on the bottom right into the shooter lane, increasing the Vortex multiplier and allowing a skill shot.




The shooter lane has a plunger skill shot at the start of each ball, and when the ball lands there as a result of a ramp shot and going off the Bride. Shoot it into the Vortex for 20K, 100K and 5K, respectively, multiplied by the Vortex multiplier.


There are two multipliers, both focused on the ramp:

* Shooting up the ramp increases the bonus multiplier up to 5X.

* Shooting up the ramp and landing in the shooter lane increases the Vortex multiplier up to 10X.


Once the Chest Matrix is filled, the VISOR opens, revealing its two "eye" locks. Lock a ball in both "eyes" to start multiball. During multiball, scores are doubled.

Lock one of the two balls in an eye to start the Solar Eclipse. This is timed, and once it expires, the ball will be ejected and you'll have to lock it again to restart. After you lock a ball, the VISOR will also close after the game determines the ball is away from it (usually by hitting a target on the lower part of the playfield, or by going into the Energy Bumpers).

Before the timer runs out, shoot the ball up the ramp to collect the Solar Value, which accumulates from game to game. Once the value is collected, it resets to its default value (100K).

When one of the two balls drain, the VISOR will eject any locked ball and close again, ending multiball.


You start outside the solar system. Advance through the solar system by either completing the 3-bank on the left, or by hitting the Advance Planet target when lit. Going all the way through the solar system to the Sun will light a special at the Advance Planet target.

At the start of the game, one planet will be lit (Jupiter by default). Advancing to this planet will award a special.

Each advanced planet will award 20K at the end of each ball.


The Energy Value starts at 50K and increases by 2K on each hit on one of the three Energy Bumpers.

To collect the Energy Value, hit the drop target with the light in front of it to lift up the ramp, then hit the target under the ramp.


The outhole bonus starts at 1K and increases up to 99K, multiplied by the bonus multiplier.

You can increase the bonus by 1K each time by:

* Hitting an unlit VISOR target

* Going into the left or right inlanes

* Hitting a 3-bank target

* Hitting the Advance Planet target when lit

* Hitting the Eject Hole

* Going up the ramp

* Locking a ball in the VISOR at any point

The outlanes each add 3K - small consolation for a lost ball.


Extra balls can be lit in the outlanes and inlanes by:

* Filling the Chest Panel twice

* Entering the right inline and collecting the value at the Eject Hole four times (25K, 50K, 75K, extra ball)

* Satisfying the "consolation" conditions as you start the third ball - an average ball time of less than 35 seconds, and no extra balls lit or awarded.

The extra ball lights can be cycled through with the flippers.


Specials can be earned by:

* Reaching the designated planet

* Reaching the Sun

* Matching at the end of the game


The ruleset listed above assumes that the game is set to Factory settings, which is Medium difficulty. The operator of the game can adjust individual settings, or apply sets of predefined difficulty settings. This is a list of those predefined settings and how they differ from the settings above:

Extra Easy:

* Solar value advances by 99K each time

* Bonus multiplier carries over from ball to ball

* Reach Saturn for a special


* Solar value advances by 75K each time

* Bonus multiplier carries over from ball to ball

* Reach Saturn for a special


* Solar value advances by 30K each time

* Eject Hole clears after each ball

Extra Hard:

* Solar value advances by 25K each time

* Eject Hole clears after each ball

* Planets clear after each ball

* Chest Panel clears after each ball

* Drop targets only last 10 seconds

* Reach Mars for a special

It is also possible to disable the consolation extra ball and to add a timer to the Eject Hole, but these are not part of any of the predefined settings.



Unlike some newer games, Pinbot has *no* ball save timer. When the ball drains, it's gone - which can happen very quickly on an unlucky bounce!

If the game is set to Free Play, you can still earn "credits" through specials, matching, or high scores. It doesn't mean anything, but it does make the number go up.

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