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Pink Panther (Gottlieb, 1981) Sound MOD

VPX Gottlieb SS Recreation Pink Panther (Gottlieb, 1981) Sound MOD v3.0

No permission to download
Pink Panther (Gottlieb 1981) Sound MOD v3.0
IPD No. 1800

I first would like to thank Bord for giving me permission to make this sound mod. I would also like to thank him for making a great table!! I also would like to thank everyone who contributed to this table including, Hauntfreaks, NFozzy, Luvthatapex, Arngrim and BorgDog!!
They put in alot of time and work on the original table, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original author of the table, as I have only made a few changes!
Check Original Table download page for more important info.
Original Table...

I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for teaching me how to add timers to script.

I also would like to thank DJRobX, STAT, Gtxjoe, and nFozzy, for helping me shorten my StopSounds and PlaySounds script commands.
(They each wrote out an example, and between them all, I was able to figure it out!! BIG THANKS!!!)

I also would like to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these VPX mods would not be possible!!

Version 3.0
Added Modified version of JPSalas LUT script.
Toggle LUT's with Buy-In Key. (2 Key)
Added Instruction Card.
Instruction Card Pic uploaded with permission of Inkochnito. (Huge thanks!!)
Find all your Pinball Card needs at Inkochnito's Pinball Cards site:

Version 2.1 (Released on 11-13-2017 at VPinball, VPUniverse and VPForums)
Forgot to shut of sw71 timer during Multi-Ball drain.
(10 seconds after any ball drain, and the attract sounds start. So attract sounds were starting before last ball drain on Multi-Ball. It is fixed now.)

Version 2.0
Added 26 sound effects. All of these sound effects are played through backglass instead of table per Vogliadicanes info.
Including 3 background music sound effects triggered from plunger pull,(3 different versions of same song.), and an Inspector background music sound effect triggered by upper left and right kickers.
4 other background music sound effects are played during attract mode.
Added "plungerreleasefree" sound effect from BorgDogs Buck Rogers VPX table, so if no ball is in plunger lane, it plays the "plungerreleasefree" sound effect.
Added some Subs BIP, ICML, ICMR, xxx, yyy, zzz with different variables, so no background music sound effects are triggered by plungerpull unless Ball is in Play, and no balls are locked.(This allows the Inspector background music sound effect to continue playing when ball is locked, and next ball is shot from plunger.)
Also this helps during Multi-Ball drains so background music sound effect is not altered until last ball drain during Multi-Ball.
Starting Plunger sound effect is played when ball enters plunger lane,(If ball is not locked.) If plunger is not pulled within 2 cycles of sound effect, (30 seconds.), 1 of 2 random "mad people voices" is activated for 1 cycle,(15 seconds.) If plunger is still not pulled, it will trigger a snoring sound effect for 2 cycles and then starts over from the "mad people voices" cycle.
ROM sounds are turned off by default at table start, and turned back on when table exits.
(This way if you have another Pink Panther table that uses same rom, rom sounds will not be effected.)
Added to script so you can change LED's to blue, pink, or regular orange.(They are blue by default. I tried to make it the same color as LED's on apron.) On table exit, LED's are set back to regular orange.
(This way if you have another Pink Panther table that doesn't have the same LED's colors scripted in, it won't change them.)
Added DT Backdrop pic. I used pic from HauntFreaks dB2S Backglass Illuminated Image.
Pink Panther (Gottlieb 1981) Sound MOD v3.0b.PNG
Pink Panther (Gottlieb 1981) Sound MOD v3.0a.PNG
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