Pokerino (Williams, 1978) MOD

Williams SS Recreation FP Pokerino (Williams, 1978) MOD v1.0

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by tio_italo
at 2016-04-10
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Williams Electronics, Incorporated (1967-1985)
Tradename Williams
Date 1978
IPD No. 1839

FP Physics 1.0

Table modded by Tio Italo with permission from the author.

Sounds are innacurate, if you have the original table sound samples, please let me know.

This table is a mod of :
Widebody: Pokerino 2.0
HUD can be turned on/off using the special ToggleHud FP key. You can choose if you want the HUD on left or right corner. The HUD last state will be saved (based on Popotte/MartinB idea).

Flippers are operated separately with flipper buttons 1 & 2. If your cabinet only has one flipper button, change script line 27 from

Const constCombinedFlippers = FALSE


Const constCombinedFlippers = TRUE
When machine is turned on it will come on in the game over mode. Player 1 up light will be flashing.

All player scores will be zero and Player 1 score will alternate from zero to High Score to Date. Game over lights will be lit.

Insert coin into the machine. The game should accept coins and post credits. The knocker will sound for each credit.

Pressing the credit button on the cabinet front will cause the outhole kicker to serve the ball, the credit display will be reduced by one, the number of players light will show one, the ball in play will show 1 and the game start up tune will be played.

Pressing the credit button at any time before the ball in play displays 2 will allow additional players and change the number of players light and reduce the credits by one for each additional player.

The player 1 up light will flash until the first switch or bumper is made. All drop targets will reset.

Making the upper left and upper right lane star rollovers score 5000 and advance the bonus multiplier.

The bonus is advanced by making a Queen or Jack drop target, an Ace star rollover, or the Ten star rollover.

Making an Ace star rollover spots the associated Ace and scores 1000; spotting 4 Aces scores 10,000, raises the Joker target, lights the upper right lane star rollovers for scoring 20,000 and advancing
P-O-K-E-R-I-N-O, and lights the Joker drop target 4 Aces lamp for 10,000.

Striking a captive ball to make the associated star rollover raises the pin to hold the captive ball, scores 1000, and spots a King. Spotting 4 Kings scores 10,000, raises the Joker drop target, lights the captive ball 4 Kings lamp to score 10,000, and lights the Joker drop target 4 Kings lamp for 10,000, releases the balls, and advances P-O-K-E-R-I-N-O.

Each Queen drop target scores 1000. Making the 4 Queen drop targets scores 10,000, raises the Joker drop target, lights the Queens to score 20,000 and advance P-O-K-E-R-I-N-O, and lights the Joker drop target 4 Queens lamp for 10,000.

The 4 Jack drop targets performs similar functions.

Making the Ten star rollover scores 1000 and spots a ten; spotting 4 Tens scores 10,000, raises the Joker drop target, lights the Joker drop target 4 Tens lamp for 10,000, and advances

Making the Joker drop target scores 5,000 or the total lit value (up to 50,000). When all five Joker drop target lamps are lit, the upper left lane star rollover is lit for two possible extra balls or 50,000 points and the upper right lane star rollover is lit for a possible special.

Since all Joker drop target lamps do not carry over to the next ball, the rollover lamps are not restored.

Lighting P-O-K-E-R lights the upper left lane star rollover for one possible extra ball or 50,000 points. When the rollover is lit in both ways, three extra balls may be awarded.

Spotting P-O-K-E-R-I-N-O lights one of the lower rollover lanes for a possible Special. The lights alternate between the lanes with each 10 point score. P-O-K-E-R-I-N-O is advanced with “P” and “O” spotted either together or separately. “K” and “E” are always spotted together and “R-I-N-O” are spotted separately.

The kickers each score 10, the top left standup and Queen drop target standup each scores 50, and each jet bumper scores 100.

The Jack drop target standups, the right center standups, and the upper and lower left standups each score 500.

The spinner scores 100 (Joker drop target up) and 1,000 when lit (Joker drop target down).

All other scoring is as indicated on the playfield.

When the ball leaves the playfield the bonus is collected and reset to 1,000; however, the bonus multiplier is not reset until it is advanced to X5.

For subsequent balls any partial spotting of Aces, Kings, or Tens is restored.

In addition, spotting 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4 Jacks, and 4 Queens is restored for 3-ball play. The 4 Queens are not restored for 5-ball play.

In addition, all drop targets are reset and the captive balls released.

Extra ball won during the course of the game is played immediately after the player’s regular ball enters the outhole.

After the last ball is played, the match digits appear where the ball in play digits were. If match occurs an extra credit will be awarded, the game over tune will play and the game over lights will light.

The high score to date will alternate with the winning player’s score.

If a player’s score exceeds the current high score to date, three credits will be awarded, the game will play a high score to date tune, and the highest score to date lights will remain lit.

The plumb bob tilt tilts the ball in play on the third closure. The ball roll and playfield shake tilt switches tilt the ball in play immediately.
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