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PPs first table (Original) by ppsberlin

SS Original Table FP PPs first table (Original) by ppsberlin vBeta2

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Solid State Machines
by ppsberlin
at 2010-05-01
Type Original

Just seen, my alpha is shown here. Since FP forum is gone, I´ll want to show you a newer version of the table.

Only some things are added, but it´s the state it has for a year now. I have not much time to work on the table, but maybe it is ready sometimes :)
not that much for now:

- try to light the the bulbs on the right to get extra ball
- going up to the upper stage might also be a good idea for getting some extra points.
- if you beat a highscore you get 1 extra credit, for beating the first one you get another extra credit
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