Psycho Pinball Wild West (Codemaster, 1995)

SS Recreation Video Games FP Psycho Pinball Wild West (Codemaster, 1995) v1.00

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Solid State Machines
by Jerry Winter, Sebek74, Slash2084
at 2010-10-13
Type Recreation (videogame)
Editor Codemaster
Date 1995

Theme: Join american wild west story during gold rush period.
Remake of classic table from Psycho Pinball game by Codemasters released on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1994 and PC in 1995.
Table rules:
# CARDS: Clear all cards to open casino.
# CASINO: Play black jack or big deal game for extra ball or playfield multiplier activation.
# PLAYFIELD MULTIPLIER: Multiplies all scores by 2, 3 or 5 for tens seconds.
# BUMPERS: Raise current hold up value.
# GUN: Clear gun triggers to open bank for hold up value collection.
# REWARD: Go to ramps and clear trigger banks to raise reward value. Go to horseshoe ramp to spell next reward letter. Collect all letters to activate reward.
# BANK: Collects hold up value or jackpot reward.
# WATER RAMP: Activates engine spelling. Enables bonus held, score bonus and double bonus.
# RODEO: Scores rodeo value and lights the letters of the word engine. Opens tunnel for Dodge The Express when the word engine is lit.
# TUNNEL: Awards bonus held and bonus multiplier or lights extra ball when entered. Play Dodge The Express game when the word engine is lit.
# BULLET: Collects score bonus, double bonus when enabled. Activates bonus multiplier for a few seconds.
# GOLDRUSH: Light all gold letters to enable goldrush mode. Letters are collected at water ramp, rodeo, bank and cards. Score goldrush value at all ramps and trigger banks.
# HORSESHOE: Spells next reward letter, activates goldrush and gives multiball value.
# OUTLAW: Opens mine to collect TNT letters.
# MINE and JAIL: Spell next TNT letter. Light all letters to start multiball mode.
# SIDELANES: Award extra ball when lit.
# NIGHT DUEL AWARD: Award established amount of score to enable extra mode when game completed.
# Based on original rules, extracted music, sounds, DMD animations
# Multiple game modes including Goldrush, Reward, 3-ball Multiball
# Three subgames including Black Jack, Big Deal and Dodge The Express
# Extra Night Duel dual ball bonus mode with alternating night and day graphics and associated lights matrix
# Addititional features added to the original version include bonus held, score & double bonus
# Fully animated HUD DMD display
# 3D building models, placard info system, several overlays including a moving train
# Translite optimized for cabinet user
# Stereo enhanced sounds & music
# Light show effects for various gameplay achievements
# Attract mode with all game rules description & credits (watch till the end!)
# Service mode with selection of:
# difficulty level: easy, medium, hard (difficulty level will affect all award timers, initial player achievements and difficulty of "Dodge The Express")
# 3/5 balls gameplay
# continuous play mode (during continuous play mode the ball will not drain)
# HUD display switch (turn off HUD DMD if you want to use a secondary monitor for a backlight)
# number of flipper buttons (choose whether to use one flipper button or 3 buttons to control all the flippers separately)
# game pricing (freeplay or 1/2 coins per game)
# game statistics (number of gameplays & reset all high score tables)
# music test (test all 35 music tracks)
# light test (test all 30 light effects)
# placard test (test all 67 placard images)
# extras test including night mode & both card subgames, Dodge The Express (practice game rules & your skills)
# Custom high scores system with six independent high score tables for all difficulty/balls gameplay combinations
# One year of common work; tons of gfx & 11.500+ lines of script code, 800 objects (sorry, we couldn't fit any more in)
Tables of collection Psycho Pinball :
Trick or Treat 1.01
Wild West 1.00

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