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Rapid Fire (Bally, 1982) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Flipperless Recreation Rapid Fire (Bally, 1982) VP8 v2.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by Gaston, Destruk, TAB, Inkochnito
IPD No. 3568

Press 1 to start a 1-Player game,
Press 1 TWICE to start a 2-Player game.
Press 2 to start a "Special Credit Game" giving yourself more Base Stations.
Press 2 TWICE for a 2-Player game with more Base Stations.

Press Q to toggle AutoFire - Default is ON

KeyUpperLeft fires left cannon
KeyUpperRight fires right cannon (same effect as left cannon)
LeftTiltKey Activates Panic Button
RightTiltKey Activates Laser Button

Center Tilt Key tilts the machine.

Feature Operation and Scoring
***** Invader Feature (RED) *****
The Invader Feature consists of two groups of twenty four (24) lights and eight targets.

The lights willbe identified in the following manner. Column number first then row: example 1.1, 4.6, etc.

The idea of this feature is for the 'Invaders" to load their "Ships". This is accomplished by the lights descending to their two "Ships". Four entries into a "Ship" will activate that ship to fire upon your "Base Station:. A shot which gets past your "Force Field" will destroy your "Base Station".

The player would ward off the attack by shooting the "Invader" targets which would kill an "Invader" in that column. As a wave is killed the following wave starts at a faster rate.

Any "Invaders" that make it to the "Ships" would restart at the top of its column except flashing. It will wait there until all other Invaders are killed, At that time the Flashing Invaders will come down in a fast side to side descending pattern.

***** Sneak Attack Feature (GREEN) *****
This feature consists of one target and eight (8) lights down the center of the playfield. The attack starts at the top of the playfield and descends at a very fast rate.

A shot at its target only stops the attack, it does not destroy the attack. The missile is destroyed by pushing back the attack out the back of the playfield. This is accomplished by multiple shots, each shot moving the attack back by one position.

If the attack is not destroyed it will restart at its present position.

***** Tank Feature (BLUE) *****
This feature consists of two separate attacks, the left tanks and the right tanks. The tanks start at the top of the game and descend automatically. When they reach their bottom position they fire at the Base Station. A shot which gets past your Force Field destroys your Base Station.

Shots from your Base Station will move the Tanks back one position. A shot from a Laser Cannon will destroy that Tank.

***** Force Field Feature (WHITE) *****
The Force Field feature consists of nine (9) white lights at the bottom of the playfield. One light is lit at all times. This light is moved by the button in the hand controls to block oncoming shots. An offensive shot may be taken from a lit position.
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