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Raven (Premier, 1986)

Gottlieb SS Recreation FP Raven (Premier, 1986) v1.0 WIP

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Raven (Premier 1986) WIP
IPD No. 1922

RAVEN created in 1986. Played for about 5 hours. Ramp works fine. There is some texture issue where the ball vanishes for a short while when hitting the ramp. RAMP SCORE is big so aim for the ramp. LOL i dont know why I remade this.. but here it is..


the name 'Raven' came from the code word used in the Hollywood movie 'Rambo', and the helicopter used in the backglass was actually a cropduster.

Raven' was the first pinball machine from any manufacturer to use a photograph for a backglass or translite.
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