Reactions Bagatelle (Original) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Reactions Bagatelle (Original) VP8 v3.0 2020-01-28

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Reactions Bagatelle
by tiltjlp

A 12 ball modern interpretation on the nobel Bagatelle.

My goal in creating Reactions Bagatelle is to hopefully introduce those who are gunshy about Flipperless & Novelty games and tables to all the fun they can be.

This game has the potential to be extremely high scoring, at least for a Bagatelle. There are countless opportunites for extra balls. You begin with 12 balls. With the relaxed slope of the table, a ball might get hung up on a pin, or a brad, as they are actually called.. If that should happen, you simply haven't been nudging enough.

Scoring is keyed to the 9 colors of the kicker cups, and are as follows: Grey, minus 5000, Green, 2000, Yellow, 4000, Red, 6000, Light Blue, 8000, Pink, 15000, Orange, 20000, Blue, 35000, and Gold, 50000 and 1 ball added to ball count.

Excluding the Grey kicker cup, 1 cup of each color simply awards it's points and is destroyed. 1 cup ejects the ball for a chance at even more points, and 1 cup transports the ball to one of the other two same colored cups, where it is launced again, to search out still more points.

The Gold cups play a ratching sound, indicating that your ball count has been increaed by one. Balls which do not enter a scoring cup earn Zilch, and you'll know it by the special sound you'll hear when a ball enters a hidden drain..

I've added enhanced nudging, which has been supercharged a bit. The Z, ?, and Spacebar react as usual, but now your flippers keys will nudge the ball diagonally.. With practice, you'll be able to nudge your ball into the higher scoring cups, but be careful, since it's easy to nudge yourself out of extra balls and major points.

Please do not host this or any table I have authored or helped to author, nor mod any or my work. There is no need to ask, the answer is and always will be NO. It is my opinion that an original table should never be modded. Instead, why not prove you can make your own table, and add to the list of wonderful tables available.

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