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Red Dwarf (Original) ULTIMATE

SS Original Table FP Red Dwarf (Original) ULTIMATE v1.02 Physics 2.6

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Solid State Machines
by Roney Pinball, SLAMT1LT, Subzero
at 2014-02-09
Type Original

FP Physics 2.6

This table is based on the cult BBC series Red Dwarf.

' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.02 **

' fixed extra ball not being awarded during certain modes

' fixed ball getting stuck in kicker during multiball mode

' added more quotes

' improved ramp physics

' added more music

' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.01 **

' added new mechanical sounds

' improved physics

' improved and optimized graphics

' improved lighting

' added new quotes

' added new features
RED DWARF History (in brief)

The mining ship Red Dwarf has a reactor leak and the entire crew is killed by lethal radiation. Except for Dave Lister who was locked in Stasis at the time (punishment for bringing his pet Cat on board the ship).

When the radiation levels are safe, 3 million years later, the ship's computer (Holly) wakes Lister from his hypersleep.

Holly creates a Hologram of Lister's roommate to keep him company. That hologram is Arnold Rimmer, the most annoying member of the ship's crew.

Later, another humanoid is discovered on ship - a creature that had evolved over 3 million years from Lister's pet cat.

The crew are then joined by Kryten - a robot which has been programmed to serve humanity. Lister helps Kryten to break his programming and he becomes 'human'.

Special thanks to Sub Zero for the idea and the backglass design.

Super special thanks to Roney, wherever you may be.
The table objective is to activate Holly's HOP Drive - a device which enables the ship to instantly travel any point in space or time (kinda like a cheap version of the TARDIS). To do this you need to hit the 3 HOP drop targets 3 times. When the drive is active, hit the flashing kicker and the ball will enter the 5th Dimension. When it returns you'll get some serious points!

Hilly's IQ:

(Hilly is Holly's opposite in an episode where the crew meet themselves in a alternate universe, only the crew are the opposite sex!) Hit the Top Kicker 5 times to activate Hilly's IQ. Hit it again and Hilly's IQ will increase gaining you lots of points. This will also lite the Polymorth Feature and Extra Ball.

Rimmer's Multiball Experience:

Lock 3 balls to start the Rimmer Experience. All Kickers pay out a Jackpot if hit during this mode.

Mr Flibble:

Lite all the Dwayne Dibbley targets to start the Flibble Attack Mode. 10 Flibbles will pop up on the playfield, knock them all down within 30 seconds to lite the Extra Ball.

Talky Toaster Bonus:

Lite all the R-E-D rollover targets to increase the Talky Toaster multiplier.

Polymorph Mode:

When active the Polymorph will disguise itself as any object on the playfield. Find it by hitting as much as you can before the times runs out.

QUEEG Control:

At some point during the game Queeg will assume control of the table and randomly operate the flippers. Only blind luck and a direct hit with certain targets (any kicker) will stop Queeg's control. Use nudge to direct the ball.
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