Red & Ted's Road Show (Williams, 1994) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Red & Ted's Road Show (Williams, 1994) VP8 v1.52

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Williams 1994
IPD No. 1972

Playfield Description:

Starting at the lower-left and going clockwise, here's the layout of Road Show:

Left Inlane
Your standard inlane. It lights Bridge Out on the Right Ramp

Left Outlane
Can be lit for a special.

Rocks Plunger
This plunger is in the same spot as the left plunger in FunHouse, and the Rose plunger in GnR. The ball is fed here when you shoot the Left Ramp when lit for Flying Rocks. The plunger sends the ball up a habitrail. If you plunge softly, the ball will come back to rest at the plunger. See the Flying Rocks section for more info.

Middle Left Flipper
A Thing-sized flipper which sits above and a tad to the left of the Left Outlane. The setup is similar to the left side of TAF, although the area is much more cramped and it's easier to drain down the Outlane. Balls are fed to this flipper from the Left Loop, the Right Ramp (when diverted), and the bottom exit from the Flying Rocks Plunger. Use this flipper to hit the various targets of the Blast Zone.

Left Loop
This is a U-turn lane which feeds the Middle Left Flipper. The entrance is positioned similarly to the Car Crash on DM. There is a rubber stopper which slows down balls that come through this loop, so the ball won't go screaming past the Middle Left Flipper. There is a white "Shoot Here" light that lights when some mode award is available here.

Upper Left Flipper
This is a full-sized flipper that lies along the left side of the Spinner Lane. Use it to hit the Bulldozer, Red, and the Radio Targets.

The Magic Standup (tm)
This is a backwards-facing standup target that lies below the tip of the Upper Left Flipper. The best way to hit this target is not to flip at balls which roll down the Spinner Lane. This standup is worth going for, as it has mystical powers which result in easy points. More Later.

Spinner Lane and Bob's Souvenir Bunker
A short lane running past the Upper Left Flipper and into a sinkhole. Locked balls are held there. Balls exiting the lock come back down this lane. Amazingly, balls coming into and out of the lock don't collide. This hole is used for many things, including collecting extra balls. There are two lights here, LOCK (yellow) and EB (orange). Above and behind the hole is a yellow globe light which is on when you can collect a Souvenir here.

Left Ramp
Placed similarly to the Neutral Zone in TNG. It normally feeds the ball back to the Inside Right Inlane, but the ball can be diverted to the Left Inlane. This also has a "Shoot Here" light, which lights when a mode award, Shooter Bypass, or Flying Rocks is available here. Above the ramp is a Bridge Out sign, with two red LEDs which flash when Bridge Out is available here.

Bulldozer Blade
A yellow plastic bulldozer blade, which completely blocks off Ted's head in its normal position. During Multiball, it will rotate up and expose Ted's mouth. The Bulldozer is used to light locks and raise the Multiball jackpot. The blade itself doesn't register hits - there are proximity switches below the board that register bulldozer hits. There is also a proximity switch behind the blade, which detects when a ball is caught behind the lowered blade.

A giant head with moving eyes, eyelids, and mouth. When the Bulldozer is raised, you can shoot balls into Ted's mouth. Balls that go into his mouth come out of the Lock. Ted is used to start Multiball and collect jackpots.

Center Loop
This loop starts to the right of the Bulldozer and comes out in the Bumpers. There is a rollover switch just as the lane turns to the right, which you must hit to get credit for a shot to this Loop. This shot has a "Shoot Here" light which lights when a mode award is available here, and a "Light Bob's" light which indicates you can relight Bob's Souvenir Bunker here.

Another giant head. Red is placed at a similar angle as Rudy on FunHouse. Red's mouth is unobstructed, and can easily be hit from the Upper Left Flipper. Hits to Red are detected with a proximity switch. Red spits out any balls that find their way into her mouth. Shoot Red for Big Millions and Multiball jackpots.

Radio Targets
Five total, one orange standup on each side of the lane leading to Red's mouth, and a bank of three red standups to the left of the Bumpers. In front of the three-bank is a white "Radio" light, which flashes when the Radio Targets are lit for something special.

Jet Bumpers
Three of 'em, one white, one yellow, one orange, arranged in a wild new triangular pattern. The Bumpers score points (1M per hit if Jets at Max is lit), add to the Blast Value, change the current Wheel award, and increase the frenzy value during the Miami mode.

Right Ramp
One of Pat Lawlor's trademarks is a shot through bumpers. On Road Show, this is it. The lane through the bumpers is pretty wide compared to TZ and TAF. Normally balls are fed to the Inside Right Inlane, but when diverted they go all the way around the back of the board to the Middle Left Flipper. Two lights here: Shoot Here, and Million Plus. Above the entrance is a Bridge Out sign, just like the sign on the Left Ramp.

Plastic Radio
This sits to the right of the Bumpers. It has a yellow globe light that flashes when the Radio targets are lit for something.

Start City Scene
This is a scoop placed similarly to TZ's Slot Machine, but a bit closer to the flippers. Balls that fall in the scoop are kicked out of the scoop, and should go directly at the Right Flipper for an easy drop catch or bounce pass. This scoop is used in the Butte mode, but there are no lights to indicate that. There is a yellow globe light above the hole which flashes when you can start a mode here. (See Bugs)

Blast/Wheel Hole
This is a rather large sinkhole which can be entered from the left or right side. Balls that drop in here are kicked out of the Start City Scene scoop. When Start City Scene is lit, you can start a mode by hitting this hole, too. This hole is used to score Blasts, the Skill Shot, and in some modes.

Blast Targets
Three yellow standups arranged in an arc, facing down/left. When an award is lit here, you only need to hit one of the targets to collect it. There is a big white flasher-light labeled "Collect Blast Value" that lights for: Blast, Double/Triple Blast, Big Blast, Super Blast, Mega Blast, Immense Blast, Cataclysmic Blast, Incomprehensibly Large Blast, You're Not Going To Believe This Blast, and Itty Bitty Teensy Weensy Baby Blast after a successful Bean Eating Mania. (Okay, okay, those last six were made up by Larry, and Super Blast is actually collected at the Blast/Wheel Hole. :)

***NOTE*** Road Show uses the term "Blast Zone" ambiguously. Sometimes it means "the Blast Targets" and sometimes "the Blast Targets or the Blast/Wheel hole". The distinction between those two is important, so this rule sheet will not use the term "Blast Zone," but instead specify which targets need to be hit.

Skill Shot Lane
This lane runs past the right side of the Blast/Wheel Hole. Balls can come down this lane from the Bumper area, and the plunger sends balls up this lane. There is a one-way gate which deflects balls coming down over to the Right Inlane/Outlane area. When that happens, the Left Ramp lights for Shooter Bypass.

Good ol' reliable manual plunger. Depending on how hard you plunge, the ball can roll back to the plunger, roll down the Skill Shot Lane, land in the Blast/Wheel Hole for the Skill Shot, go up to the Bumper area, or hit the Bulldozer.

Right Inlanes
Another of Lawlor's trademarks is two Inlanes on one side. The Inside Inlane lights Bridge Out at the Left Ramp, and the Outside Inlane lights Bob's Bunker. A ball shot to the Left Ramp and not diverted will return to the Inside Inlane.

Right Outlane
This is a particularly wicked outlane. It can be lit for a Special.

Two normal triangluar slingshots (but a bit on the small side) in their usual places.

Lower Flippers
Two full-sized flippers in the normal place.

Scattered around the board are white, orange, and red standups. They are used to change the lit mode, and during the Miami and Minneapolis modes.

Playfield lights
Just below the Bulldozer are twelve lights that make up the Wheel. Below those are five lights that show your current day of the week (see Multiball). Moving down, there is the US map and the mode lights. Below the map are the bonus multiplier lights. And finally, between the flippers, the ever-popular Shoot Again light, which also indicates when the ball saver is active.

Shaker motor
Inside the cabinet, about six inches in front of the coin box and six inches left of center, is the shaker. It's a motor spinning an off-center weight, which when turned on causes the whole machine to shake. It's used to punctuate gameplay (especially when you collect blasts).

General Rules and Scoring

Ball Saver
The Ball Saver is turned on at the start of each ball, and can save the ball *one* time during each ball. It also lights at the start of either multiball mode. If you drain BOTH balls while the ball saver is lit, the mode will end and you'll get one ball back.

Sometimes, the Phantom Ball Saver may activate. This has been reported to occur when the ball drains Lock -> SDTM or Red -> Left Outlane.

Skill Shot
Anytime you have a ball at the Plunger (except after two locks during a West Coast mode), shoot the ball into the Blast/Wheel Hole without hitting anything else to score the Skill Shot. The award is a free souvenir, along with 5M the first time, 10M the second, etc., to a max of 25M.

You can also score a Skill Shot anytime the ball rolls up the Skill Shot lane and lands in the Blast Hole. This usually happens after the ball is kicked off the left Slingshot.

Shooter Bypass
Any time a ball rolls down the Skill Shot Lane, the Left Ramp will be lit for Shooter Bypass in addition to anything else already lit there. The award is 5M the first time, 10M the second, etc., to a max of 25M.

Spinner scoring
When the game is power-cycled, the Spinner value resets. It begins at only a few hundred points per spin. It gradually increases, to a few thousand points, then a couple hundred thousand, etc., until it reaches its max of 1M per spin. This value holds over between players and games. Collecting a "Spinner at max" award from the Wheel immediately sets the Spinner at 1M. Power-cycling is the only thing that resets the Spinner's value.

In LA-5, this has changed. The Spinner value resets to 1,000 at the start of each ball. We think this bites.

Bridge Out and Bonus Multipliers
Bridge Out can be collected at any time during the game. Light the Right Ramp by rolling through the Left Inlane, or light the Left Ramp by rolling through the Inside Right Inlane. Bridge Out remains lit for a few seconds. Hitting a lit Ramp will activate that Ramp's diverter. There is no grace period for Bridge Out, although there IS a grace period for the diverters (meaning that a diverter may activate even though you are not awarded a Bridge Out).

Each Bridge Out advances the Bonus Multiplier from 1x to 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x. After 6x, the next award is "Light EB," which you can collect once per game. Advancing the multiplier lights the Wheel if it isn't already lit. After the multiplier reaches its max, Bridge Out shots award 10M.

The downside to all this is that if you have the wheel lit when you advance the multiplier to its max, the Wheel will be UNlit!.

Big Millions
Anytime a ball is kicked out of the Lock, Red is lit for Big Millions for a short time. Hit her mouth to score 5M the first time, 6M the second time, etc., to a max of 25M. The value carries over during the entire game.

Cheeseburger Bonus
After enough Red hits, you'll be awarded the Cheeseburger Bonus, worth 20M. Red: "You big Cheeseburger!"

Fun With Bonus
2M * # of modes played
+ 1K * # of miles on that ball (maxes at 9,999 miles)
+ 200K * # of blasts
+ 10M for each souvenir+associated city combo

... then multiply all that by the bonus multiplier.

There are several ways of collecting a Blast. Each time you collect a Blast at the Blast Targets, you are awarded the current Blast Value, which starts at 1M and goes up by some odd amount (208,430) with each Bumper hit to a max of 10M.

The most common way to light the Blast Targets by dropping a ball into the Blast/Wheel Hole or hitting the Magic Standup. Shooting the Left Loop lights the Blast Targets for a short time. Hitting them awards 2x the Blast Value. Shooting Bridge Out on the Right Ramp lights the Blast Targets for a short time, and hitting them awards 3x the Blast Value.

You can also score a Super Blast by shooting either the Left Loop ("Fire in the hole!") or Bridge Out on the Right Ramp, and then the Blast/Wheel Hole. This awards 5M the first time, 10M the second, and 15M afterwards. It also collects anything else that is lit at the Blast Hole.

If Big Blast is lit, hitting the Blast Targets awards 5x the Blast Value. The flasher light in front of the Blast Targets will flash when Big Blast is lit. Note that you are always awarded one BLAST, regardless of the multiplier applied to the Blast Value.

Blasts also work as a counter award, like Robots and Hitchhikers in TZ: Flying Rocks is lit at 3, EB is lit at between 5 and 14 (reflexes), Special is lit between 17 and 34 (reflexes), Flying Rocks at 40, EB lit at 50, Flying Rocks again at 60 and 80. Are there more after 80?

Flying Rocks
Flying Rocks is akin to the Steps in FunHouse. First light the Left Ramp by getting a Wheel award or enough Blasts (Flying Rocks can NOT be stacked at the Ramp). Hitting the Ramp sends the ball down to the left-hand plunger (using some cleverly-placed diverters). A habitrail leads away from the plunger, and it has three exits. Each exit has an award:

Bottom hole
Lite 5x Blast. The ball is fed to the Middle Left Flipper for a one-time shot at the Blast Targets.Middle hole
Lite Radio Riot. The ball is fed to the Left Inlane. Each hit to the three-bank of Radio Targets scores 10M for the rest of the ball. Sometimes you'll hear air checks from radio stations: "Turn your knob to BOB. BOB 100 FM", "103.5 - WYNY."Top hole
Lite EB. The ball is fed to the Inside Right Inlane, which is a pretty good setup for a shot at the Lock.

If you send the ball past the top exit, it will hit Ted in the head! This makes Ted very sore and awards 25M. The ball will roll back to the top hole and exit that way.

Hitting one of the lower three shots when lit unlights it. The Lite 5x Blast hole is lit for you at the start of the game, and another is lit the first time you get the ball to the Rocks Plunger. Hitting the Center Loop at any time also lights the next unlit Flying Rocks shot. In any event, the shots are always lit in order from bottom to top, and you can collect only one EB from the Rocks per game.

Note 1: If a ball goes airborne and lands at the Rocks Plunger, you will be able to collect the Rocks awards, just as if you had gotten the ball there legitimately.

Note 2: hitting one of the three lower Rocks shots awards 10M if it was lit, and 5M if not.

The Wheel
The Wheel is a group of twelve various awards. Light the Wheel by advancing your bonus multiplier. Collect a Wheel award by shooting the Lock or the Blast/Wheel Hole. You can relight the Wheel and collect Wheel awards at any time during the game. When the Wheel is lit, all twelve lights will flash together, and a tick-tock sound effect will play. Wheels cannot be stacked; once you collect one award you must relight the Wheel.

Each bumper hit moves the flashing Wheel award counterclockwise. If the Wheel is lit, each spin of the Spinner also moves the flashing award counterclockwise. Nothing happens when you collect all twelve awards; the Wheel just quietly resets.

Here are the awards:

You're There
Immediately lights Start City Scene and awards 5M * (number of modes you've played + 1). If you're currently in a mode, or if Start City Scene is already lit, Start City Scene will be lit immediately at the end of the current or next mode respectively. If you collect this award by shooting the Blast/Wheel Hole, and if there was not a mode running, the next mode will begin before the ball is kicked back into play.

Flying Rocks
Lights the Left Ramp for Flying Rocks.

Light Big Blast
Lights the Blast Targets for Big Blast. This does not seem to time out, but it will turn off if you drain without collecting it.

Light Special
Does just what it says. Red: "Now isn't that special." The Left Outlane is lit for Special at first, and the Special switches outlanes with each slingshot hit.

Million Plus
Lights the Right Ramp for Million Plus, worth 6M the first time, and 1M more each successive shot, to a max of 12M, for the rest of the ball. Ted: "You look like a million plus."

Jets at Max
Each Jet Bumper hit is worth 1M for the rest of the ball. This award also starts a neat light show in the lights that make up the border on the US map.

Bad Weather
A 25M Hurry-up is lit at the Lock. It times out 5M. Red: "I HATE rain!" Collecting the points gives the quotes: Ted: "Look, a rainbow!" Red: "Wow!" If you collect this award from the Blast Hole when Start City Scene is lit, the mode will not start. Also, you cannot start a mode while Bad Weather is running.

Spinner at Max
Sets the Spinner value to 1M per spin.

Hold Bonus
Also holds your multiplier.

Lite EB
Does just what it says. Red: "Get that extra ball!"

Bob's Freebie
Awards a free Souvenir.

Lunch Time
Shows a pretty hot dog on the DMD and awards 15M. (Mmmm...fifteen million. Oops, sorry, wrong cartoon character.)

Souvenirs are neat little toys that you can pick up during the game. You get one for free every time you collect a Skill Shot or Bob's Freebie Wheel award. You can also buy souvenirs (using points as your currency) from Bob's Souvenir Bunker, which is located at the Lock.

Bob's Bunker is lit by rolling through the Center Lane or the Outside Right Inlane. But in order to get the chance to buy something at Bob's, you must hit the Lock when nothing else is lit there, and when no mode is running.

When you hit the Skill Shot, you are awarded a random Souvenir (but this is adjustable].

When you visit Bob's or collect a Bob's Freebie award, you see a cute picture of the facade of the Bunker, which has a changing sign in the window. The first time you visit Bob's, you also see the bulldozer pull up to the door and park (complete with hissing air brakes!).

The sign can be one of the following:

* "Home of the Big Rubber Spears" (this is always the sign on
your first visit)
* "Free Water -- $1 a glass"
* "Uranium Ore $3 a Chunk"
* "Easy Credit -- Let's Talk"
* "Today's Special: Explosives"
* "Try Our Frosty Malts"
* "Dozer Parts On Sale Today"
* "Sale On Jackalopes"
* "Secret Video Mode: BRRRLLRRL"
* "Frenzy? Bwa haa ha ha!"

Then, a souvenir is picked at random, with an animation reminiscent of CFTBL's Snack Bar. You are then shown the price of the Souvenir. Press the left flipper to decline it, or the right flipper to buy it. There are also some joke souvenirs: New Car, Pretty Rocks, Ashtray, Breath Spray, Uranium, Ammunition, Toothpicks, Lawn Darts, Poker Chips, Paperweight, Wooden Indian, Antacid, Towelettes (for when you get that not-so-fresh feeling).

What are Souvenirs good for? Well, you can sell them back at Albuquerque (usually for more than what you paid), and you can get extra points at Fun With Bonus. If you have a souvenir AND have visited the associated city, you get 10M per souvenir. So, if you have played the Miami mode and have 2 suntan lotions, you get 20M.

Here are the souvenirs:

Souvenir - Cost - City

Air Freshener 20M New York
Baggy Shorts 20M Seattle
Baseball Cap 5M Atlanta
Belt Buckle 3M Nashville
Box Kite 8M Kansas City
Bull Whip 7M
Coffee Mug 750K Ohio
Cowboy Hat 6M Dallas
Deck of Cards 10M Las Vegas
Fireworks 7M New Orleans
Fool's Gold 20M Denver (40M in LA-3 and earlier)
Key Chain 5M
Pennant 1M Chicago
Picture Plate 5M
Root Beer Mug 2M
Rubber Nose 50M
Rubber Spear 2M Minneapolis
Salt Shakers 750K Salt Lake City
Sandals 12M San Francisco
Shot Glass ?
Sunglasses 8M Los Angeles
Suntan Lotion 20M Miami
T-Shirt 4M Albuquerque
Treasure Map 10M Butte
Wax Lips 15M

There are also three special Pinball souvenirs. They cannot be sold back at Albuquerque, but you get something right away when you buy them.

Lead Pinball 75M lights EB
Zinc Pinball 100M awards an EB
Gold Pinball 250M awards an EB and lights Special

There have been rumors of a Platinum Pinball and a Uranium Pinball.

If the sign in the window reads "Uranium Ore $3 a Chunk" quickly hit both flippers. (Here is another easter egg related to the number 3.) This starts Construction Mania, a 20-second mode with all targets worth 3M. If you start Construction Mania, you will not get a souvenir for that trip to Bob's.

You will never be offered a souvenir that costs more than you can afford. If buying a souvenir drops your score under the replay score, you will not be awarded another replay if you pass the replay score again.

First, advance through the days by hitting the Bulldozer blade. Each hit advances you one day. Red also announces the days as you go, and your progress is indicated on the playfield lights below the Wheel. When you reach Friday, Lock is lit at the Bunker, and both characters say something about payday, Ted: "Where's my paycheck?", Red: "Pipe down!" You cannot advance days or lock balls while a City Scene mode is in progress. If you take a while in locking ball 1, Red will say: "Put a cork in it!" (referring to Ted's babbling about his paycheck).

Locking one ball awards 10K for each mile you've traveled on that ball (if you have NO miles, you get a consolation prize of 10K), and Ted says "Hey-hey, payday! Party time! Put on your dancin' shoes baby."

Lock 2 is then immediately lit. Locking ball 2 awards another bonus for miles, and you hear more chatter:

* Red: "Payday!", Ted: "Whoa--I'm all worn out."
* Red: "Party time!", Ted: "*yawn* I'm shuttin' down."
* Ted then falls asleep, and (like most sleeping heads on
pinball machines) his mouth hangs open. The Bulldozer
blade raises, exposing his mouth. Shoot a ball in there to
start Multiball.

After Ted swallows that ball you just shot in, all three balls are kicked out of the Lock. That's a bit inconvenient since the first jackpot is at Ted's mouth. The jackpot starts at 40M and goes up by 5M each time you hit the Bulldozer Blade, to a max of 75M.

The first jackpot is at Ted's mouth, and the second is at Red's mouth. The jackpots keep alternating between the two. Whenever Ted is the next jackpot, the Blade raises and lowers, making it a difficult shot. When Red is the next jackpot, the Blade stays down. As soon as you collect one jackpot, the other is lit immediately.

When you score a jackpot, the DMD spells out the word JACKPOT once for each jackpot you've gotten (to a max of three times). Kinda dull, really. Scoring your first jackpot also starts some real country music going; Carlene sings about some hopelessly codependant relationship ("I oughta keep you locked up at home.")

If you drain two balls without getting a jackpot, multiball restart is lit at the Lock for 12 seconds. Shooting the Lock restarts Multiball with two balls.

After you light lock 1, but before you lock the first ball, hitting the Bulldozer awards Overtime, which is worth 1.1M the first time, 1.2M the second, and so on to a max of 3M (and plays a neat "whoosh" sound effect).

On the second multiball, you need to advance through the days again after locking the first ball, and the max value of the jackpot is 100M. On the third multiball you need 2 bulldozer hits to advance a day, and the max jackpot is 125M. Later multiballs need one more bulldozer hit to advance a day, and the max jackpot goes up by 25M for each multiball. The highest we've seen is 4 hits to advance a day!

On LA-4 and earlier ROMs, the jackpot value carries over between multiballs. On LA-5, the value can go down by 15M or so between multiballs.

Note: The status report includes a screen that says "x balls locked." This tells you how many balls are physically in the Lock, which isn't necessarily the same as how many balls you have locked.

City Scenes (modes)
Each of the cities on the US map corresponds to a mode. That's right, eighteen of 'em! The cities are roughly in a grid, 6 columns by 3 rows. The top row of lights is white, the middle row is orange, and the bottom row is red. It's not a perfect grid, though; in fact, from going from right to left, the colors always rotate in the same order: white, red, orange.

To begin a mode, shoot either the Start City Scene scoop or the Blast Hole when the Start City Scene globe light is flashing. You cannot start modes during multiball, or when you have locked two balls and Ted is asleep. You also cannot have more than one mode running at a time (but see bugs).

The currently flashing mode is always one of the next two cities on the map (going from right to left), so your first mode is either New York (white) or Miami (red) -- the rightmost 2 cities on the map. This means that you can never play two modes of the same color in a row. The exception to this rule is the West Coast cities - you can reach any of the three cities on the coast.

The currently flashing mode changes when you hit a bumper or standup of the same color as a city that you can reach at that time. So for example, at the beginning of the game, New York is the flashing mode, but hitting an orange bumper or standup changes the mode to Miami; and hitting a while bumper or standup changes it back to New York.

After completing a mode, you need to travel 400 miles to re-light the Start City Scene scoop. (If you're playing on a non-US machine, that will be 400 kilometers.) The various targets on the board award miles:

Left Loop 150 miles
Left Ramp 100
Right Ramp 100
Right Loop 75
Blast Hole 75
Start City Scene Scoop 75
Lock 50
Inlanes 25
Spinner 5 per spin
Bumpers 5(?)
Bulldozer Blade ?
Standups ?

The exact number of miles between cities is adjustable.

Once you complete a West Coast mode, you start over at New York. The cities you've visited remain lit (so you can still collect bonuses from souvenirs) but you can re-play modes on your way back to the West Coast. (Note: on L-2 and earlier ROMs, the cities turn off after the West Coast mode ends.)

The Modes Include:

New York City (Smash a Cab)
Miami (Spring Break)
Atlanta (Worker Trapped)
Ohio (Trapped in Ohio)
New Orleans (Mardi Gras)
Nashville (Change the Station)
Chicago (Evil Toll Roads)
Dallas (Monster Cab)
Kansas City (Tornado)
Minneapolis (Frozen People)
Albuquerque (Trading Post)
Denver (Gold Rush)
Butte (Tunnel Hunt)
Las Vegas (Slot Machine)
Salt Lake City (Old West)
Seattle (Alien Invasion)
San Francisco (Monster Attack)
Los Angeles (Earthshaker)

To complete the entire map, you must travel to the West Coast at least three times. Nothing much happens when you start your last unlit city; the mode runs like normal. When that mode ends, the entire map will be lit (with the next city flashing as usual). When you start that city, instead of the usual opening animation, the DMD says "WOW" in a medium-sized font.

Super Payday (Wizard Bonus)
During any West Coast city scene, you can start Super Payday. During the mode, lock one ball in Bob's Bunker, and then lock another ball in either the Bunker, the Start City Scene Scoop, or the Blast/Wheel Hole (this includes hitting the Skill Shot after locking ball 1). In addition to a great animation of the Earth blowing up, look at all the valuable prizes you get for doing this:

* Special is lit: lights the outlane Specials;
* Jets at max: The Bumpers score 1M each;
* All targets score;
* 3x Blast lit: All Blasts you collect score 3x the blast value;
* Shoot the Wheel: Each shot to the Lock or Blast Hole gives
a Wheel award;
* Ramps score Payday Bonus.

The Magic Standup (tm)

The Magic Standup is the backwards-facing target below the tip of the Upper Left Flipper. The easiest way to hit it is not to flip at balls coming out of the Lock. The ball should roll right into the target. In fact, in order to benefit from the powers of the Magic Standup, that's exactly how you have to hit it.

This standup does lots of good things:

* Hitting the target at any time lights the Blast Targets if
they're not already lit. (In this case, the target does not have
to be hit by a ball coming out of the Lock.)
* In New York, it awards one hit on the Bulldozer.
* In Miami, it raises the target value by 300K.
* In Atlanta, it adds 16M to the hurry-up value.
* In Ohio, it spots one of the Ramps.
* In New Orleans, it counts as two Ramp/Loop shots.
* In Nashville, it awards a Radio Targets shot.
* In Chicago, it blows up a toll booth.
* In Dallas, it counts as two Ramp/Loop shots.
* In Kansas City, it awards the hurry-up value (usually 25M).
* In Minneapolis, it unfreezes 2 people.
* In Denver, it counts as two Left Ramp hits.
* In Butte, it spots one of the underground shots.
* In Las Vegas, it awards a Wheel award.
* In Salt Lake City, it awards 60M.
* During Super Payday, it brings up the "Houlton" bug.
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