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Ride "M" Cowboy (Gotham Pressed Steel, 1939) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Ride "M" Cowboy (Gotham Pressed Steel, 1939) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Gotham 1939
by Patrick & tiltjlp
IPD No. 4704

Challenging and innovatice bagatelle by the smallest of the Big 3 in Home Sale bagatelle.

Ride M Cowboy was made in 1939 by Gotham Tool & Toy of New York State. Gotham and Linsdtrom shared about 23-35 % of the "home sale" bagatelle business, which was dominated by Northwestern of St Louis.

Ride M Cowboy was innovative and fun, using both scoring holes and cups, as well as a cannon plunger at the lower bottom center of the game, This cannon cup would trap a missed ball, and allow the player to relaunch it up the playfield, hopefully hitting the high scoring and well guarded top hole. There were alsp two corrals on either side of the table, which could hils three balls each, awarding progressively higher point values.

We have used an auto kicker for the cannon, and have added an adjustable speed plunger, which gived the player more game control. Along with the enhanced nudging, this can lead to higher scores and mire challenging fun. --@tiltjlp
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