Road Girls - Desktop and DOFLinx MX

BAM Road Girls - Desktop and DOFLinx MX Version 1.2

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*** Version 1.2 ***

I found a bug in the Road Girls, Version 1.1 menu. It doesn't display correctly but only appears when you play the table the first time (or delete the fpRam). Some of the menu selections would appear on the wrong menu. Like one of the options for the lighting might show up on the balls per game menu. I never deleted the fpRam file while testing the table so the bug did not appear until I added the menu to another table. It is fixed now.

I decided to reduce the size of the library for the Rock music version. I didn't realize how large it was until I posted it. I can't tell any difference in the sound quality.

I included all the libraries with the table so you only need to download one file now.

Be sure that you have the "DOFLinx.vbs" file in your scripts folder or you will get an error message. There are directions in the User Guide (PDF file) included in the download on how to set it up.

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