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Road Girls Revisited (Original) by BlindMankind , centinex

SS Original Table FP Road Girls Revisited (Original) by BlindMankind , centinex v1.0

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by BlindMankind , centinex
at 2007-11-28
Type Original


A completely new revision of the original ROAD GIRLS released in 2006. With better playability, high quality new graphics, top-notch sounds, new sountrack and deeper rulesheet. Definitively a new game experience!


1000 Miles, an old pick-up truck, a son-of-a ***** sheriff, a bachelor party and some of the most beautiful women you will ever see... That's what ROAD GIRLS is all about :)

Mods of this table :
Road Girls Revisited Mod
Zedpinball Physics 1.1: Road Girls Revisited 1.0a
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