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Road Kings (Williams, 1986) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Road Kings (Williams, 1986) VP8 v1.1 2020-01-28

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Road Kings (Williams, 1986) VP8 v1.1
by Kristian, Destruk, Others
IPD No. 1970

Revision History and Credits:
Complete graphics & partial layout rebuild by Kristian.

Pictures by Mrhide, Basic layout/cabinet by Hans A. Plast, Transparent middle ramp by Lio
Layout by Kid Charlemagne
Rubbers, plastics, dropramp and additional finetuning by Skalar
Thanks also to: Destruk, Gaston, Pinmame-Crew
Thanks to Aeneas Verhé for providing more pictures! And thanks to Gravitar for the location of 2 10-pt contact switches.
(change at will)
Instruction Card:
Instruction Card pic uploaded with approval of Inkochnito.
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