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Road Runner (Atari, 1979) VP9

VP9 Atari SS Recreation Road Runner (Atari, 1979) VP9 v1.1 [16-9] 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Aussie34, TAB, Destruk
Atari 1979
IPD No. 3517

Inlane = 3000+bonus, special when lit
Outlane=3000+bonus, extra ball when lit
Spinners=10/100 When lit
Drop Targets=3000
Red targets=500
Captive Ball=5000, Extra ball when lit

Extra ball target lights whenever bird targets are down
Second completion of bird targets lights special targets
4 red targets, left or right, lights lane for extra ball
Second set of red targets lights lane for special

Completing "A" and "B" lanes lights double bonus
"A" Lane lights left spinner
"B" lane lights right spinner

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