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Solid State Machines
by Anthias
at 2008-12-14
Type Original

In my younger days I used to enjoy throwing the guitar in the back seat and taking a long drive - to who knew where. I recorded a lot of good, and a lot of bad music out of those many trips, and this table is a tribute to times in my life now gone by, but still as valuable to me as ever they were. This table includes a complete album of 14 all original tracks, and a "car stereo" to listen to them with - you can skip tracks etc. This is version 0.9, as it is one of those tables you know you want to come back to one day. I would like to get much more detailed rules and modes in, but it is fine for now.
Light five targets to open first lock (back left) lock 1st to open second (centre/lower left) lock 2nd to open t3rd (lower right) At any time, hit upper centre right kicker to release any locks. Release all at once for 4 ball multi to defeat the reaper.

Light 3 targs to light the bumper lamp for 3x bumpers.
Light top lanes for bonus mulitplier
Light in/out lanes for ballsaver.
centre loop channel doubles point each hit while lit.
Light the letter spots to get some nice points.
more rules to come.
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