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Robocop Best of, 2nd Edition (Original) by rom

SS Original Table FP Robocop Best of, 2nd Edition (Original) by rom v3.1

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by rom
at 2012-09-01
Type Original

But since I upload again, I thought I might change some small things:

edit for 3.1:

-added my own mechanical sounds recorded from a real machine,
-removed the spinners that messed with the ball,
-changed some things for a better ball flow.

Version 3.0:

-added a bit of light fx,
-made some things brighter and some darker,
-made it EASIER to start the multiball modes (the 8 targets on the left and right). Now if you hit one of the right targets, the left one is automatically also lit (or the other way). It was always kind of annoying to hit those damn targets I think.

New in version 2.0:

-Better looking models (really really the best I can do);
-changed some sounds and music;
-darkened the playfield a bit;
-added JACKPOTS during multiball;
-added ball saver during multiball (for longer multiball action);
-correction of some little bugs.
Please keep in mind that my DMD is very basic like in Die Hard.
On this table SLINGSHOT PASS and BALL CATCHING works fairly good.
Low res version is for those who have problems with hq textures.

Mods of this table :
Robocop ULTRA 1.02

ROBOCOP Gameplay:

1) The outer orbit multiplier:
Increase the orbit score each time you pass it. (up to 250.000 per pass!)
If you have reached the maximum scoring, the center light is lit.

2) The center orbit:
Increase the bumpers score each time you pass it. (up to 500.000 per bumper!)
If you have reached the maximum scoring, the center light is lit.

3) The bumpers:
Your flippers control the popups in the upper playfield (in the center of the outer orbit).
This way you can choose whether it is better to make an orbit pass or a pass into the bumpers area.
If you want to lead the ball into the bumpers, you have to raise the correct popup to block the way for the ball.
(scores up to 500.000 per hit - see center orbit)

The extra ball:
[/color]Pass each in- and outlane to earn an extra ball.

5) The CAIN ramp:
Hit the 2 ramps alternately to raise the ramp score up to a maximum of 2.000.000 per pass.
Always hit the lit ramp to raise the score.
Note: On the left ramp the ramp shot only counts if the ball does a 180° on top!!!


6) First objective: Hit all 8 targets (left & right on the playfield)
This activates the multiball objectives (Robocop & ED209).

7) Robocop multiball:
Locking balls into the Robocop scoop will end into an 4 ball multiball.
This will also raise the score for each Robocop shot to 2.000.000 points.

8) ED209 multiball:
Hit the 2bank to lower it for 20 seconds. Hit the ED209 scoop to lock the ball.
If you do not hit ED209 during within those 20 seconds, the 2bank will raise up again.
Repeat until you get the 4 ball ED209 multiball. (This raises the ED209 scoring up to 3.000.000 per hit!)

For each accomplished mission a center light is lit. Each lit center light gives a 1.000.000 points bonus at the end of a ball.
If all center lights are lit, the 100 MILLION BONUS will blink and you have to shoot every toy and ramp ONCE to get the 100.000.000 bonus at the end of the ball!!!
(these shots are: ROBOCOP, ED209, LEFT RAMP, RIGHT RAMP)

After this final mission, the table is reset but your missions are already lit this time and the 100 Million Bonus stays lit,
so you earn a 100 million bonus after every ball. Time to score BIIIIIIG!!!!! ;)
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