Robocop (Data East, 1989) VP9

VP9 Data East SS Recreation Robocop (Data East, 1989) VP9 v1.0 [16-9] 2020-01-28

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Data East 1989
IPD No. 1976

ROBOCOP - The Future in Law Enforcement

Multi Ball - Shoot all the targets of each bank to complete each Prime Directive (Green, Yellow or Red). After successfully completing each bank (color) shoot the Ramp to make an Arrest (Lock Ball). Locking the 3rd ball causes the game to enter MultiBall and lights the Jackpot feature.

JackPot - While in Multiball, shoot the targets to advance the Jackpot Value shown on the Displays. Successfully jumping the ramp collects the Jackpot Value.

100K TopLane - At the beginning of each ball, two ball guides will begin flashing. Completing the shooter lane shot through this lane will award 100,000 points multiplied by the ball number.

209 Top Lanes - Each lane spots a target for its corresponding color. Completing all 3 lanes advances the Bonus Multiplier to 2X, 3X, 4X & 5X.

ED 209 Million - After each target color is completed (Green, Yellow or Red). Shoot the flashing Sight Lamps to enable the ED 209 Million feature on the Ramp. While the feature is enabled (Ed 209 Mumbling) complete the ramp shot to collect 1 million points.

Special - After the Jackpot is awarded, shoot the targets to light the Ramp Special. Then complete the ramp shot to collect the Special.

Scanner - Each shot to the right eject kicker awards the Mystery Scanner Value (shown in the Displays). The shot also spots a letter in the word R-O-B-O-C-O-P. When the word is complete an Extraball is awarded.
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